It’s worse than you think! Grand delusion for the end times.

It’s been a year since I have made a post to this blog.  At a time when I was staring up at the blood moons wondering if the world was going to soon end.  It is now time for an update. I have taken a long break from posting to work on other creative projects and ponder all the information I have received over the last few years.   I have reached the end of the learning what is going on in the world and now I have answers.  The problem is how to deliver it in a concise manner that people will believe. Long research projects are time consuming and prove to only wake a few people up to the truth.  What is needed is the information to be organized in bite size pieces covering the basics so people will get a clear picture of what is going on.

It is not only clear to me that the church has been infiltrated by wolves as I have proven on my blog, but that it has been controlled and directed for some time by Satanists, Masons and the Jesuits.  Any major mega ministry is directed by these people with only a few less larger ones from traditional denominational routes remain not in control of these people.  It’s important that every believer everywhere  realize where we are on the prophetic timeline.  Jesus warned us in Mathew 24 not only about false prophets but also that the deception would be so great that even the elect would be deceived.  It’s time to wake up and not be caught in the delusion spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11. Look around you and judge for yourself what type of world we live in. We deceive ourselves if we think our current church model is anything like the book of the acts.  The signs and wonders if any are minimal at best, people rarely share the gospel and we are far from likeminded.  We have been duped into living our faith in the narrow constrains that the enemy has provided for us.  People run from this meeting to that meeting looking for a word from the Lord but non shall be given.  Beyond personal prophecy God is not using the prophetic to reveal his will or the future.  He is expecting us to walk close with him, so close that when we look at the world we know what time it is.  For those who are listening he is revealing knowledge about what is going on in the world so we don’t have to be taken off guard by a thief in the night.  We are children of the light.  Discernment is trumping the prophetic, if you want to know what’s up it’s all over the internet.  Any digging into the new world order/ illuminati conspiracy and you will find a plan that fits the prophecy foretold. The secret occult agenda that has been hidden for centuries is now out in the open!  There is an Alt Christian community that has sprung out the of the  truth movement that is so cutting edge it puts the Elijah list to shame.  Check out “Canary Cry Radio” .  I have spent many hours in research and equally as many in prayer and meditation on these things.  God willing I will get this information out to people in a powerful way.


I will leave you with a link to an article on “British Israel” which is an article outlining  who is really behind the “Kingdom Now” theology and the whole idea we are to take this world for the Lord. It is interesting on how these people are using end time prophecy as a means to deceive people into a false outcome.   There are many good articles on this site, but be warned if you go beyond this article you will open the world of bizarre.  Ken Adachi the author of the site is not a believer but I have talked with him on the phone and despite some of his articles seeming anti-Christian he is actually very supportive of true Christianity. You may not agree with all his angles but his research into the church is quite good.  So make sure you don’t get offended and read between the lines using the good old discernment of the Holy Spirit.

4 thoughts on “It’s worse than you think! Grand delusion for the end times.

  1. Great article. You filled in a lot of gaps for me. Not sure if you’re 100% on everything, but I’m not sure anyone is at this point..

    I’ve been demonically attacked through my electronics for 7 yrs now, started when Holy Spirit gave me gift of revelation. And I can assure you, they already know who we are, and that we’re chosen. So I’m not sure even bothering to stay off grid would make a difference at this point… until absolutely necessary.

    I want to join a commune with other remnants, but have no idea how to find anyone. The Lord told me to start eating organic, only use organic products, and to get off all meds 6 months ago. I’m in the Pacific NW and am completely alone in this. Do you have any suggestions on how I could find people??

    And take a look at your Chrome app. See the three 6’s? The circle part of the 6 is the ‘eye’ looking back at you (which I believe IS either spiritually or mechanically). You should be able to see it all from there.
    Much love, brother, thanks for posting this.

    • Wendy you are awake! Thank God for you. We should bother to be off grid because it is the logical Godly choice opposed to staying in the system that will soon roll out the mark of the beast with the microchip. If we make the step in the right direction God will be more likely to hide you via miracles! The best way to find people is to start praying that God will send you like minds. It is very hard to convince the sheeple in the churches. I am planning to start one hear in Canada for artists and others who can’t find a home in the church. Other than that the only people I know of are the Twelve Tribes. I have visited them and want to work with them. They seem the closest to what I believe but I find their traditions a bit restricting. For others though it could be a perfect fit. Each community is diff as well so check them out and see if there is one close to you, God bless!

  2. I’ve read most of your articles. I’ve been doing research myself for the last year, and what you’re saying confirms what I’ve been understanding. Thanks so much!

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