How the Corporation is the Enemy

Today I have time to read, research and write another blog post. All while I’m getting paid to sit and listen to top energy executives discuss their plans to lobby the government today. Business as usual for these mostly men in suits that have great idea’s on how to influence the government on where to spend it’s (our) money and what policy to write to help them further their agenda. Their aims so they say is a drive for efficiency building a better future for us all! To be honest most of what they are proposing isn’t bad at all but one thing they leave out of their speeches of how great everything will be if we sign up to their plan is who benefits?  Let’s get this straight, the corporations Lobby mostly for policy that will make them more money regardless of public interest. Every act of policy, industry agreements and trade deals always have a corporation prepared and waiting to capitalize on the changes they have invoked on the system. Most of the time it results in less money and less freedom for the 99%.  Most of these people here today are polite nice people, shallow but nice. I wouldn’t ever party with them but I don’t direct my anger at them either . I have been in many corporate meetings like this and the ones that I do direct anger towards are the industry organizers and key speakers who they hire to speak. These are the agents of the NWO that are deceiving the corporate elect into thinking they are doing something good for the world when in fact they are enslaving us all.  In every downtown core in convention centers and hotels meetings big and small are taking place all over the world. In these meetings the chosen elect of the corporate world meet, eat and drink while they plan the execution of the world wide directives.

This is the actual working class to the likes of 1984,  the people that have extra benefits from the system.  They run the machine of the NWO to which we are all slaves.  From my examination most of this corporate world in all it’s political correctness is a far cry from the average citizen of the nations. The average person doesn’t wear a suite, make lots of money and make policy all day long. These are the people who are representing the whole of the population, all of which are completely brainwashed by the establishments news and media outlets to be able to ever think for themselves.   Lets see, when a corporation wants to change the laws of the land they have meetings, throw parties for the MP’s and policy makers and walk into their office and talk.  When we the people want to change laws we march out into the street and get tear gassed by riot cops then go home.  The former works to change the laws the later almost never works.  Can someone tell me how we are supposed to live in a democracy when the elected take orders from the rich and powerful and not the citizen?

Corporations spend most of their budget on lobbying. And that is a “legal” way of changing the laws. Im not going to mention all the black mail and payoffs that happen behind the scenes which make up a lot of how our laws get passed.  The legal way is supposed to be protests and petitions, although they can delay things the will of the establishment 99% of the time always gets through. Why are we met with militant riot cops while expressing free speech? Why do they want us in cages while we protest? Why do they infiltrate peaceful protests to incite violence?  It is because we are all slaves to their corporate system.

Let me shed some light on the big picture. A corporation is a single fictitious entity that allows a group of men to operate in business world bound by contracts and policies.  The corporation is the enemy of the sovereign state and when the idea of it came out it was opposed  for fear that the companies would gain too much power over sovereign nations.  Well that was over 100 years ago and our worst fears have now been realized. The corporations own everything, absolute everything! What you don’t believe me? Go outside and look at any downtown core and what do you see on the biggest buildings? Corporate logos.  Why is the Skydome now called the Rogers Center? Because the corporation of Rogers bought it that’s why. What aspect of your life isn’t controlled by a corporation?  The biggest buildings in every city is the bank buildings which have more branches than starbucks littered through out every city. Even towns and cities are corporations. It wasn’t always that way it seems to be a new trick to the enact enslavement on those dwelling within the limits of these places. Upon research it claims it gives power the local bodies so they can act independently.  But that is a lie, most of the incorporating has brought many small entities under one umbrella of control such as the “mega cities” in which more control can be brought in by a new government that comes from more taxes.  So they own the cities and even they own you. Yes everything is a fictitious entity created so it can be controlled and taxed as it conducts its business.  It was reported that your birth certificate is your legal contract into this system of corporate rule and that you are in fact traded like a commodity on the stock market. Look on your birth certificate it says “Bank Note” right on it. In Canada it does.  This was to ensure you work to pay taxes, income tax specifically. It is the governments promise to the bankers that their debt is good because you will pay your tax and pay the bankers the interest on the money they loan to the governments of the world that they create out of thin air. Sounds like a great deal!

This whole scam is a corporate scam by the banks and super rich aka NWO. They keep writing laws to enslave you and you are legal bound as long as you keep operating your fictitious entity.  Originally this corporate kind of law was put in place to manage trade between corporations and governments not sovereign citizens. But since they have pulled us into their system we are deceived to think that we need them operate our daily lives.

The big picture here is the fact that this corrupt legal system runs everything and the path to freedom is taking the power away from the corporation. There are many ways to do that, but to start stop using their products as much as possible. Stop working for them and start seeking to do business with individuals.  I could go on and on about strategy to defeat our slave masters but I need to leave some nuggets for other bog posts.  This is a fight for our freedom between us and the corporate elite!

5 thoughts on “How the Corporation is the Enemy

  1. It is a hard subject to understand given those making up this world wide scam are professional “law” makers intent on deceiving. To make it worse it’s happening generation after generation and law on top of law. I would say it’s impossible to figure out every aspect of the conspiracy, but we can know their major instruments and how to avoid them. Your on point with all your research. I was going to construct a major project to give a comprehensive view of the NWO, but I find right now anyhow to just start organically flowing with what i know and help convince people of the big conclusion, the reality of the conspiracy, it’s aims and solutions to avoid the impacts. I also find that many people have now started doing very similar things that I had thought of to help get the info out there so It’s better to listen to God and do exactly what I’m supposed to do so I don’t get burnt out trying to accomplish every idea that comes through my mind.

    • I think the whole story of the NWO is contained in Isaiah 14:4-21. Read it in the RSV which is what I am familiar with. First it is Satanic Isaiah 14:12 where Lucifer in the KJV is more like Venus in the RSV, though the King of Babylon Isaiah 14:4 is a man Isaiah 14:16.
      But the most useful information is in Isaiah 14:9 where the SHADES are introduced.
      There is an unseen stronger power or government behind and above the government of the USA and other nations. This I will call the string pulling puppeteer. The nations have their puppet governments which though visible, are weaker and inferior to the puppeteer. Being weaker they are in Sheol – the grave. The puppeteer, to prove he is a man will be made to die like a man.
      When he dies, Sheol rouses the dead SHADES to meet him – all who were leaders and rulers of the nations and kings from their thrones. These ‘shades’ say to this now dead stronger unseen King or world sovereign: “You too have become as weak as we.”
      He was indeed stronger because in Isaiah 14:5 this man is called ‘the sceptre of rulers’ which can only mean the king above kings. This man once chosen is not beholden to democracy like his weaker underlings, which is a sham anyway, because they are beholden to him, their hands are tied by him. No secret is hidden from him. Ezekiel 28:3. This makes him privy to all secrets and the apex of all secret societies and intelligence agencies. He is wiser than Daniel, though not Solomon, though he claims infallibility, which is rendered ‘wise as a god’ in Ezekiel 28 and he is made to die like a man to prove he is no ‘god’ but a man.
      Incidental to this is that the function of a priest is to penetrate all secrets, from the Catholic Encyclopaedia. A king near death in confession was frantic about forgiveness as his confessor traumattized him to be. Asking what he could do to make propitiation for his sin, his confessor for penance told him to wage war against a king of the confessor’s choosing. The confessional extracts secrets from traumatized believers.
      Needless to say the king of Babylon will rule the nations in anger, with blow after merciless blow unceasing, to the peoples of the earth. He will also make the earth tremble and make it like a desert, and overthrow its cities. This will coincide with the time of Satan’s wrath knowing that his time is short, that being about 3 1/2 years.
      I hope this whets your appetite about the NWO and provides evidence about the situation called ‘deep state’ or shadow government SHADES, the condition of governing in the hidden mysterious shadow of ‘the sceptre of rulers’.

      The light shines in the darkness. Let God be true but every man a liar. The solution is to be found in the Bible light where all secrets are available to its readers too.
      Revelation 17:2 depicts a great harlot seated over many waters. What sits over waters? A bridge. The word bridge is nowhere to be found in the bible. Yet a bridge sits over waters. The many waters are peoples, tongues, tribes and nations. Revelation 17:15. This bridge sits over the nations and peoples. Pontifex Maximus is the title of the Caesars who were emperors, the black pope and the Pope. Pontifex Maximus means the Chief Bridgebuilder, building bridges connecting nations across the international waters. Building bridges to the NWO, the new dark age.
      Rome is a city seated on seven hills Revelation 17:9. The solution is Rome by way of the Vatican is the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth Revelation 17:18, and the sceptre of rulers Isaiah 14:5, king of kings, or emperor, the king of Babylon. The SHADES, all who were leaders of the earth and kings of the nations, rule in his shadow, beholden to him – and him only, democracy or not.
      Relevant also is Isaiah 14:14 which is the doctrine of the Assumption of the BVM which is celebrated 15th August. Lucifer shares that date also.

      • While reading the website of Henry Makow, I believe Makow proposed the best explanation where the Illuminati got it’s idea to rule the world. In Genesis you’ll recall the story of Egypt’s 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine and how Joseph and Pharaoh colluded to bankrupt the Egyptian populace during the 7 years famine when the Egyptians were forced to spend all their assets buying food from the Pharaoh’s storehouses, effectively making the Egyptians slaves in the bargain.

  2. I believe the fictitious entity created by the birth certificate called a Bank Note, is called in America, your ‘strawman’ corporate identity.
    It is a hard subject to understand. All I know, and I don’t know enough about it, is that there is a relationship between Fascism and Corporatism.
    I am an Australian. I watched with interest Aaron Russo’s film ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’. I learnt there that the original organic Constitution gave no right to anybody to tax the American citizen. The individual citizen can vote. Yet citizens are imprisoned if they evade illicit taxation. Businesses COULD be taxed on profits only made from the individual. But business corporations cannot vote. Businesses like corporate bodies were embodied to be taxed as an individual (business). Could it be that since it was illegal to tax the private citizen from his earnings through his own labour, that the way around this was to incorporate every private citizen. And a corporation becomes a body and vice versa a private body becomes a corporation and nothing escapes tax.
    Except the hardworking non income making housewife and mother. Aaron Russo explained that away too. The equivocators, Aaron Russo learned straight from the mouth of one of the Rockefellers, caused women to think it was time they liberated themselves including from the household. And so was born THE WOMEN’S LIBERATION MOVEMENT. They entered the workforce in droves. Previously fifty percent of working age adults worked and paid tax. The males. Now all working age adults both male and female were able to be taxed. And the women were led to believe this was all their own idea. No! it was put into their heads surreptitiously by the Rockefellers through news rags, whereby the Federal Reserve Bank could now collect the taxes from them as well as the men, through the agency of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

    The Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS are outside of and aloof from the Federal government of the USA as is also Washington District of Columbia, the City of London and the Vatican City. DC residents are not permitted to vote. [Website Bibliotecapleyades covers some of this, but some fantasy also.]
    In the City of London, which has its own police force, and which the Queen may enter if she requests permission that receives approval, incorporated businesses themselves get to vote for the Mayor of London, even though not a person.
    For a lot of background on how America got to become a republic, and went from splendid isolationism to becoming a warmongering Fascist nation on a par with Hitler (my words here), you can’t go past reading Frank Tupper Saussy’s book called ‘Rulers of Evil’.
    History of America is not what you have been taught. Also, Avro Manhattan’s ‘Vietnam: Why Did We Go?’.
    Before WWII began when Hitler invaded Poland which brought England into the fray, it was already underway. Spain was taken over by General Franco, Yugoslavia was taken by Tito.
    And so it is still going on today though as yet unproclaimed as a World War. The NWO behind the scenes conspirators are exploiting the USA as their current crusaders to this end, where before it was Mussolini and Hitler’s failure. This information can be found in Dr Lehmann’s book called ‘Behind the Dictators’.
    I hate reading time wasting books – but I read these three books.

    Finally I would like to attempt to answer your question, though not my original work.
    Question: –
    Can someone tell me how we are supposed to live in a democracy when the elected take orders from the rich and powerful and not the citizen?
    Answer: –
    Democracy is the best form of government money can buy.

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