Blood Moon Tetrads, was it all just Hype?

There has been much hype surrounding the sequence of 4 lunar eclipses this past couple of years, with people saying that it heralds the beginning of the apocalypse or signals massive changes to the world.  Is this just more prophetic huff and puff with no substance? The dates have now passed and nothing has happened… or has it?

It is said that lunar eclipses that fall on feast days on the Jewish calendar signal troubling times for Israel and that solar eclipses signal troubling times for the gentiles. The first person to start documenting and putting out info on this subject was Mark Biltz.  Soon after that John Hagee jumped on the bandwagon and beat Mark with a book publication on the subject. Hagee sensationalized it and made a lot of money off this blood moon. I’m not a big fan of Hagee and would take anything he said with a grain of salt. That fact aside we have Biltz and some others that have come up with some very interesting facts surrounding this Tetrad specifically.

  1. They fall on Jewish feasts. This actually in itself is not that spectacular and happens quite often. It is more the fact that they fall on feasts as well as coincide with the below points.
  2. It is a super moon. When the moon is in a closer orbit it appears quite larger than any other time of the year.
  3. It also falls on the Shemita, the 7 year sabbatical cycle where all debts are forgiven, an economic reset.
  4. There is a Solar eclipse within the tetrad making this an extremely rare occurrence, combined with all the other points.

There have been 62 tetrads since Christ and 8 of them have fallen on Jewish Feast days. According to Christian researchers these following dates possibly line up with these events:

  1. 162-163 C.E. – Worst persecution of Jews and Christians of Roman empire to date. Antonine Plague killed 1/3 of population (8 million) 165-180AD
    2. 795-796 C.E. – DMZ buffer zone between France and Spain ending centuries of Arab invasion.
    3. 842-843 C.E. – Vatican attacked and looted by Islamic Invasion
    4. 860-861 C.E. – Battle of Lalakaon, Turkey Stopped Islamic invasion of Eastern Europe.
    5. 1493-1494 C.E. – Jews expelled from Spain, America found by Columbus (new safe haven for Jews)
    6. 1949-1950 C.E. –  Israel becomes a nation again, Arab Israeli war.
    7. 1967-1968 C.E. –  6 Day war were Israel responds to external threats and retakes Jerusalem.
    8. 2014-2015 C.E. – ???

It is with this above information that I am going to blow a big hole in these guys theories about the blood moons. It is said that it is a bad (and sometimes good) omen for Israel that in either case “blood is shed”.   Point 2, 3 & 4 have nothing to do Israel or Jews and I am not certain that blood was even shed during point 2. Is not a DMZ buffer a good thing to stop bloodshed? The first point doesn’t even have a solid date for persecution. When you research it, the persecution was spread out over 300 years and can’t be tied to that exact date. The plague does seem to come right after the blood moons on the other hand.  In point number 6 the war happened BEFORE the blood moons, throwing out the idea that it is some sort of warning God is sending.  There is a pattern of a power struggle between Islam, Jews and Rome that one researcher was highlighting during these blood moon tetrads but I am going to ask a really big question right now. Where was the blood moon during the Holocaust?  Do you not think that one of the biggest slaughter of the Jews in History would of been deserving of a blood moon when God was working out the lunar schedule? This is the problem I have with the above list; it appears that the researchers are really stretching the info to make the blood moons fit with specific events.  I have to conclude that the research that they have come with in no way convinces me that the Tetrads are absolute signs from God that something is going to happen with Israel, or a sign of “blood shedding”.  BUT it does not mean it’s not a sign.  The truth is, there have been many significant dates for Israel without any blood moons in History and the Tetrads that have happened have only a “vague” significance to Israel.

Now before you think I am debunking the entire blood moon theory let me say this: the last 3 tetrads seem to hold a lot more water than the 4 previous.  The Jews being expelled from Spain and finding a new home in America is significant, Israel becoming a nation is significant, retaking Jerusalem is significant.  If the first 4 tetrads meant something who cares that is irrelevant at this point, the last 3 quite possibly can be some sort of sign.

Now the question that is on your mind, how is this Tetrad of 2014/15 significant? If there is a sequence of 4 happening and this is the final, has anything happened to fulfill the sequence?  Firstly if it is a sign of foreshadowing it may take a couple of years to see the fruits of this warning.  So let’s take a look at what has happened during this blood moon.  The Pope has a legendary visit to America where he meets with many important people. In one of his speeches he denies Jesus stating his work at the cross ended in failure.  Let that sink in folks. Most people in the world think that Catholicism is the same as Christianity and many Christians think the Pope is a good guy that believes the same as them.  This statement proves to all what many “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for years that the pope is anti-christ (not the anti-christ) and Satanism is at the core of the Catholic Church.  Secondly we have the Syria conflict with Russia, US and Israel involved. If you look into what is really going on you have 2 major super powers converging on opposite sides. This has the potential to quickly become open war between the US and Russia with a high risk of nuclear strikes.  I am not going to get into to all the details here but this situation could very well be the flashpoint that will trigger the end and many biblical prophesies.

If that wasn’t enough we have a looming worldwide financial meltdown happening. At any moment the great economic bubble could collapse sending the world into complete panic. Could this be lining up with the 7 year Shemita cycle? September 17, 2001 the Dow Jones drops 7%, 7 years later September 28, 2008 it drops 777 points! The final Shemita is this year, will it follow the same pattern? In fact if you are at all following what is going on there are any number of looming worldwide catastrophes; asteroids, solar flares, earthquakes, global warming,  black awakening zombie apocalypse you name it, this is the most distressful time in history.

There is defiantly some very significant stuff going on this year, here is my take on the Tetrads.  Whether they are specific signs for the end or not, I don’t think it even matters to be honest. I don’t need the blood moons as signs to tell me the end if fast approaching. Many people are waking up, taking a look around and discerning that the end is near with the billion other signs around us. Think about it 100 years ago we were riding around in horse and buggies like we had for thousands of years and now all of sudden we are in outer space with the technology to merge man with machine and have eternal life (see trans-humanism).  We shouldn’t be looking at the moon anyhow we should be looking at the SON. The blood moons have overshadowed the fact that the star that appeared when Jesus was born, the Bethlehem star is BACK after 2000 years. Is that not a bigger sign than the Tetrads? There is also a whole constellation/celestial alignment that is about to appear in 2017 that hasn’t appeared in 7000 years that will line up with prophecy from Revelation 12.   These heavenly signs seems a lot more noble to me considering the people that follow the moon the most is in fact the OCCULT.  Those behind the satanic new world order are the ones who mathematically follow lunar dates and worship on full moons.  Since all the events on the Tetrads are worldly events they can be put in motion by the elite of this world. Who was the instrument that formed Israel as a nation other than the New World Order and the elite behind the world wars forming the league of nations and agreements to make it happen. Who has the power to create stock market crashes on exact days with exact occult numbering other than the creators of the system themselves.  They may be trying to manipulate world events to usher in the anti-chirst according to signs of the moon, but one thing is for sure their plans will be cut short by the sign of Yeshua the King of Kings when he soon returns to set up his Kingdom!