I believe that people who belong to the Truth, to Jesus Christ should not be walking in deception.  I have started this blog in hopes of lifting the veil of Deception that has been put over the world by the enemy of our souls- Satan. Since I was a child I have discovered that the world was not really the way people had told me it was. I have found also that what I have been told about how to live out my faith,many times was incorrect. After realizing that people I trusted to teach me the faith were continually wrong about major points I had to question what was really going on in the world. I have come to know that the secular world was run by deception, but I found it hard to believe that the church also was run by deception.

Continually Jesus and the apostles were warning us to watch out for false prophets and not to be deceived. It says in the bible that in the last days deception will fill the earth. Today there is a cloud of deception over the world and even the church. It is shocking to find that very few Christians have any idea what is really going on and even fewer that know and are actually saying something. Any church that does not recognize the fact that mass deception is going forth cannot be on any kind of cutting edge of the kingdom, in fact more than likely they are on the cutting edge of Satan’s kingdom.  It seems that the people least affected by this deception are the people that keep to the fundamentals of the faith and keep doing the true work of God. Today everyone is searching looking for the next move of God, waiting for the glory cloud to fall and big sensational revival. I’m telling you that it is right here if you want it, it’s found in your Bible, On your knees, out on the street bringing Jesus to the masses.

This blog will be revealing what is really going on in the world and the church. I cannot keep silent any longer, I need to speak the truth. I know that a lot of people will not like some of the things I will be talking about and even start to hate me, but it’s time to wake up and stand for the TRUTH. Deception free!!

84 thoughts on “About

  1. Your “About” statement declares “I believe that people who belong to the truth…” My question to you is who is “I ?” Last I checked “I” is a pronoun not a proper noun. I’ve also noticed that your blog articles aren’t signed by their author and whoever you are I don’t see you identifying yourself anywhere! Perhaps you’re a ghost person! Perhaps you don’t really even exist! All humor aside; anyone who conceals their identity and asks to be taken seriously is a dead giveaway. I’M SORRY SIR/MA’AM I JUST CAN’T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY! EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PURPORTED THEORIES IS SUSPECT!

  2. Greetings and blessings. Is there any way to email the founders and writers of this website/blog? I am interested in talking with them directly. If one or more of them feel impressed to respond to this request by contacting me away from the public forum. This gesture would be greatly appreciated and I pray that we may both benefit from the exchange. To God only be wise and blessings of discernment and trust in Him I pray for each of you in these deceptive and perilous times.

    • Thank you, dear Eshli, for praying for us! I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ too. We need to be covered in prayer and Christ’s blood more now than ever before in our lives.
      God bless you! Shalom!

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