Satanic Pedophiles in the White House

So much for the belief that we have moral men in the high positions in our countries.  It’s been a while since I have learned that the people in the highest authority of our nations where into pedophilia, homosexuality and satanism.  I just couldn’t handle it when preachers would come through my church praising the politicians saying we are so blessed to have Stephen Harper in office, what a  Godly man.  Just like Bill Clinton and his big old bible he had under his arm one time on TV, all the Christians just assume he is a believer.  Let me tell you something about politics, it’s dirty business.  So dirty in fact that they run human trafficking and pedophile rings.   I  have known for years the CIA has been doing the dirty work for these evil people.  I am going off about this because in two days from now an epic election is going down in History.  This is the most important election ever in the history of the US.   I’m not going into all the details of how it got to Trump and Hillary, I wasn’t a fan of either of them but one thing is for sure the establishment was planning on it being an easy victory over Trump. They put him up to it so he would speak on the issues that were in direct opposition to their plan, so they could create division and hate to anyone who thought like Trump. It’s not an accident that Trump hits all the points that the Patriots/Truthers/Infowars people were wanting to hear.  This way they could draw out all people who thought like Trump and who would stand up for their right of freedoms so they could put them on a list. But they didn’t expect him to actually come close to winning!

I can’t believe this is reality what we are seeing in this election.  I can’t believe how many people specifically my Canadian brothers who believe the lies of the corporate media.  It’s like they only watch that 10 minute CP24 news loop to get all their info.  Most people I know think Trump is an idiot and Hillary is the better choice.  But if you just take one min out of your day and look to the alt media. Wiki Leaks, Infowars, Drudge  you will see the true colors of Hillary.  I have known about the Clintons and how dirty and evil they have been with books written about their drug dealing, murder and sexcapades.  It’s all on the Internet, look it up!

Now my point to this un edited blog post… I really can’t believe that this has come out, you know it’s going on but the darkness seems so thick that it seemed like nothing would ever penetrate.  It has come up in the past couple of days over Wiki-Leaks of more emails and through an on going NYPD investigation that reveals the Clinton’s, Obama and (what looks like regular white house activity) are engaged in regular pedophile parties and Satanic ceremonies.  They use “Uber” to deliver the children to the parties.  This is on main stream news like “Washington post” not just Alex Jones.  Check it for yourself in this shocking Alex Jones exclusive, he actually breaks down and pleads the blood of Christ over this whole thing. That is something I never seen Alex do is go straight to the blood of Jesus.

How is it that the leaders of the most powerful Nation of earth are Satanic Pedophile Psychopaths?  I will tell you how, because this is the end times my friend. The truth is stranger than fiction and it’s all coming out now.  Believers beware and get ready, shft is about to hit the fan. The NWO isn’t going to just let Trump be president, the public is going to know  about their plan to rigg the election.  I am willing to bet something big is going to happen before the election and Obama will stay in power.  False flag terror attack, war with Russia, a nuke going off and Bam, martial law and all those executive orders that were put in place for a police state are put into action.  Now would be a good time to pray!


3 thoughts on “Satanic Pedophiles in the White House

  1. Being is you think you are uber discerning yet you are Hebrew Roots. Promote false teachers like Marzulli and Horn. And now you believe gnostic Jones. Wow so much for “deception free”. 😂

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