Corrupt Bible Versions and Pre-Trib Deception

Here are two video’s that are helping expose lies that I have already uncovered through other avenues. These look like great resources and I will be watching them all. 

I  have known for a while that all these modern bible versions that are coming out are to prepare people for the coming one world religion.

I also have talked about the Myth of the Pre-Trib rapture theory and how Tim Lahaye was instrumental in getting all the churches on board to make this the excepted view.  I have also uncovered how Tim Lahaye is working against the church and working with the secret societies in my report on the western church. 


It’s time to wake up church! The time is near! I am becoming more and more convinced that the people that spread false prophecies that Jesus was coming back back in 1988 and all those other times that he didn’t come back was physiological warfare to discredit the truth that was soon coming out.  Now Christians are programmed to think that anyone that talks about the end being near and that we should prepare is a loony toon. 

Here is a DVD set  on the Book of Revelation that I am going to soon get my hands on, seems very solid, proving that the time is indeed near!




9 thoughts on “Corrupt Bible Versions and Pre-Trib Deception

  1. Blogger, whoever you are, you obviously are not that smart if you’re getting your theology from! I’ve followed Alex Jones for years, and he’s nothing more than a fear-mongering bag of wind when it comes to many of his “insights” and prognostications. He’s a bag of hot wind when it comes to matters of theology! I sent him a registered letter, including a copy of a transcript taken from my very Conservative Bible College, proving from ALL angles that the pre-trib rapture is NOT a theory, and that it was first spoken of by Christ Himself, in John 14: 1-3, **”Let not your heart be troubled…”

    Don’t you think my heart would be more than a little troubled if I foolshly believed that my Saviour and Lord was a spouse beater? You betcha! That, He is NOT! For Him to subject His bride to the G.T. is nothing short of sadism, and the Lord of Glory is not a Sadist! Christ is coming for a radiant, spotless (bruise-free), and faithful bride, not a battered and bloodied up bride! Come on now, give Christ more credit than that. There are numerous passages in the Bible that state we shall be spared from God’s wrath to come! The Great Tribulation is for the Jews! It’s God’s method for turning the nation of Israel back to Himself!

    How many times have we been faced with challenges and difficulties that drove us on our knees, and forced our faces and hearts heavenward? Seeing that God has done this in our lives, Goyim, it’s not that difficult to believe that God will use this method for His Jewish brethren because He loves them!

    V. 3: **”…I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”**

    Where is He? In the clouds of the air at this point, I Thess. 4: 17,

    In John 14, Christ is speaking as the King that He will be at that time. One dare not enter into the presence of a potentate without invitation; to do so could cost one their life. Therefore, Christ comes in the clouds, extends His invitation ( a shout, no doubt, “Come up hither”), and we go to be with Him in the clouds. Why is that so hard to comprehend or to believe by folks who allegedly believe He created the world and all within and around it in merely six days…OUT OF NOTHING?! This is child’s play for God Almighty!

    Why does He comes Himself? Because He promised He would in John 14: 3! He is also coming Himself because His bride is the most valuable treasure to the King of kings and Lord of lords, and He will NOT entrust her safety or deliverance to another! Also, as with ancient Jewish weddings, the bridegroom always came by to pick up his bride.

    We meed to study to show ourselves to be workmen, approved unto God, rightly dividing the Word of Truth! In my textbook, “Things To Come”, by J. Dwight Pentecost, he presents mere two or three arguments for a mid-trib or a post-trib rapture, and as he clearly shows, they don’t hold water! The passages used to postulate this misinformation were taken out of context! On the other hand, he has 32 indisputable, Scripturally-backed argumenst for a Pre-trib Rapture! Each and every one of them speak volumes.

    More study is required of thee, blog master…

    • i agree with you brother…the blog is racked with needless fears, which is actually a consequence of not ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’. The rapture is a promise in the bible. The blog has mixed up imagined wickedness with erroneous prophetic outlines….the tribulation is meant for the Jewish nation so that they may repent….this blog has mixed up the hopes of the church with Israel..

      • Ben, we live in truly perilous times! Truth is now seen as politically incorrect; lies are seen as politically correct and expected. Unfortunately, as many of us see, this has also been carried over into many churches today. The Holy Bible is a terrible weapon when in the hands of those who know very little about what it is trying to say to the world.

        It is growing spiritually darker around us by the minute. So, allow me to encourage you and others to “Glance at the circumstances and to stare at the Savior”! God bless you!

      • The spirit of religion has gripped you. It’s not my fault if you get all your information from Tim Layhaye for your bible prophecy. Mine is from the word and from the spirit. Why don’t you go tell all the martyrs that died over the past 2000 years that Jesus didn’t love them because they had to suffer a bit for his name.

  2. I agree, Sharon! The one thing I don’t understand is why lie over and over. I simply don’t understand what her purpose was in all of this.

  3. shalom! I’ve just signed up, thank you for your work to open peoples eyes, I’m finding very interesting readings. I’d like to ask you if you ever hear about the Halleluyah Scriptures? I bought one and I wonder if its “OK”… They have all the names in original Hebrew, such as YHWH, the apostle’s, etc. No notes or interpretations, they claim to be the closest english version of the original hebrew-aramaic. Shalom and thank you, Simone

  4. Hi there, sorry to bring this subject up again (it looks like it’s exhausted, as there was no way to leave a reply on that particular post) but I just wanted to support you in your very enlightening article about Kat Kerr.

    I am ashamed to say that despite being a Christian for 33 years, I too was taken in by her and didn’t start doubting until her account of the ‘Cowboys & Indians games she claims takes place in Heaven. However, as the majority of everything else she said ‘tickled my ears’ and sounded great, I pushed it aside and decided that maybe she was just wrong about that bit. It’s not until today that I heard her talking about seeing God face to face with his trimmed beard and bright blue eyes, that I realised that she is a false prophet without a doubt. So I then found your article, which I am very impressed with, as you have put it together very clearly and good on you for taking the time to contact her! That should show to everyone that you have a gracious spirit and that you were not just trying to condemn without giving her a fair chance to say her bit.

    So thank you so much for publishing this. Your biblical examples and clear format makes it very obvious that what you have said is indeed true. The Cowboy & Indian thing should have stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it. I thought to myself that this game is simply about hatred for each other and murder. She even mentioned that people are running around Heaven shooting each other and dressing up as C & I. Why would God encourage the imitation of murder & hatred and toy guns in Heaven? She also claimed in the same dialogue that people star in their own favourite films and that someone was playing the role of Maria from the Sound Of Music. Again, great as this film is, it focuses heavily on the war and the German army.

    It is sad that we get taken in by people so easily and I need to repent for being so soft in the head.

    You do not need to publish this post, as I know it is out of place. I just wanted to encourage you that you are doing the right thing and to thank you for confirming my suspicions.

  5. Hello there,

    A lie told often enough becomes the truth..

    Indeed mind control through mistranslation of scriptures is everywhere.

    Have you watched Andrew Carrington’s latest video: The Hard Facts about the Holocaust.

    Andrew wrote the Synagogue of Satan book about the Judeo Masonic Zionist agenda.

    The latest film ( 6 mins long) shows how the figure of 6 million deaths was false and how it came into being. I am not denying there were deaths as ai visited Auschwitz at Passover but the widely accepted figures were wrong. Intact the plaque I saw at Auschwitz Birkenau had bern changed. Originally it read 4 million deaths but now reads 1.5 million. I am not denigrating those deaths in any way, they were atrocious but so is the lie that we have been fed.

    Andrew shows the fable of 6,000,000 dead or dying Jews dates back 4 decades prior to WW2. He shows several newspaper articles dated from the late 1800s up to and beyond 1938 each talking about 6,000,000 ‘bleeding, suffering victims.’ The Zionists have continuously and hysterically attempted to claim that six million Jews were dead, dying or in grave danger in Europe and Russia since the late 1800′s.

    Research shows this figure comes from a misinterpretation of Torah prophecy that reads: “You shall return” (due to a spelling mistake the priests interpret it this way “You shall return, minus 6 million”) They teach that a massive burnt offering or Korban Olah is required for permission to return to the Promised Land and that God allegedly demanded from them a “6-Million-Holocaust-Offering.

    The word offering is such a lie, it is a deliberate mistranslation that breeds the notion that the Father is a despot and requires appeasing. He doesn’t but Kharian pagan gods do!

    Korban is actually an approach and the Olah or fire is the refining fire of the Holy Spirit. That is why it is so important to read the Torah as a prophetic document and through the eyes of belief in Yeshua who actually walked it out in full technicolor!

    The Christian Zionists still promote the 6million figure fable. Prophecy News Watch was promoting this film this week.

    The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust DVD

    They say:

    Of the 250,000 Jewish prisoners held there, only 4,000 were still alive. More camps were then discovered throughout Germany and occupied Europe – where a total of 6 million Jews perished in what became known as the Holocaust.

    The lie of the exact number of deaths or mind control continues. The Red Cross Records refute the actual death toll. A document from Arolsen, West Germany released after the war reveals the actual death toll to be 271,301.

    Further evidence given from the American Jewish Committee Almanac which shows the population of Jews INCREASED by 584,549 between 1941 and 1948! Where is the 6 million drop? In 1933 there were: 15, 315, 000 Jews in 1948 15,753,000. I am still to verify the second figure but there is plenty of evidence of number crunching is out there.

    Please note that I don’t necessarily support the views on the websites quoted. They just demonstrate what I have said.

    Red Cross figures:

    New York Times – 6 million Jews


    This is a lot longer than I expected. But something else you will note on Andrew’s website is this. He says:

    Proudly Banned From Jew Founded Owned And Operated Facebook For Posting This About The Alleged Holocaust Of Six Million Jews

    It makes you think about using Facebook eh? Mark Zuckerberg is a Zionist Jew!

    To find out who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise
    ( Voltaire)

    History is written by victors… ( Churchill)



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