Is it wrong to celebrate Easter & Christmas?


There has been a lot of buzz on the internet in regards to both Easter and Christmas actually being pagan in origin. Is it true that the 2 biggest holidays for Christians have their roots in paganism? Could we have been tricked into celebrating the Birth and Death/Resurrection of Jesus on the wrong dates?

Honestly when I first heard this I defiantly wasn’t shocked at all considering we are living in the age of deceit where conspiracy and corruption dominate every aspect of society. In my report on Western Christianity I uncovered how the mainstream Christian networks were dominated by false prophets and teachers put into position by the Masonic Lodges and other similar organizations. I know that this power structure religiously worships pagan occult gods, so I find it very likely that they would want to corrupt the 2 biggest holidays for believers in the true gospel.
But I like to find a bit of proof that this is truly the case before I go around telling all my believing friends that their favourite holidays are abominations. Luckily I had been already reading up on ancient Babylonian mystery religions getting a firm foundation where these pagan tradition may have come from. I read many articles online, some in depth and some vague, all touching on different aspects but most did not have any solid sources at all, that is until I found the mother of all articles hitting every major point and more with many sources. I will post a link to that article and repost it at the end of this blog post. I did find 2 articles from mainstream Christian outlets actually doing a very pathetic job of defending Easter, I will bring those up in a bit.
The truth seems to have been lost in tradition if you ask me. I have found in researching this that Mardi Gras is a Christian holiday, St Patrick’s Day and even Halloween! Take a look at this list:
The truth is: the above list of holidays were not commanded by God for us to recognize, and when the world celebrates these holidays the truth and reality of Christ is lost in tradition and idolatrous revelry.
Do you ever wonder what eggs, bunnies, trees and wreaths have to do with Jesus? All these traditions stem from pagan idolatry. After the flood Noah cursed Ham’s line which gave birth to a corrupt lineage that did not serve God. They got right back into worshiping demons and occult practices. It was Nimrod that became the first world dictator post flood and the first anti-christ. It was him who built the tower of Babel and he was known as a god in his time. Since God scattered the languages Nimrod was known by many different names in different cultures including Osiris, Gilgamesh, Baal, Orion, Ra, Apollo, Tammuz and more. It was him and his wife Ishtar (also known by many names including Semiramis, Eostre and Ostara) that all paganism stemmed from. Ishtar is actually pronounced Easter in many dialects and the holiday we celebrate today as Easter lines up with her holiday not the resurrection of Jesus. Everything from the eggs to the rabbit was taken from Ishtar.
Read a short article explaining this here:
Read a really long one that quotes sources here:

And Another:

And you can find many many more articles out there saying the same thing, not to mention books written on the subject.


Without a shadow of a doubt a lot of these traditions on Easter and Christmas have come from pagan traditions, from Nimrod and Ishtar themselves. What about the actual days we celebrate on? If Easter is supposed to be about Jesus resurrection why is Easter not celebrated on Passover? These 2 holidays can sometimes be a month apart. Hmmm Jesus died and rose at Passover why are we celebrating it on Ishtars holiday Easter? Doesn’t really make any sense to me. The same goes for Christmas, December 25th was Nimrods birthday, and the Christmas tree was to commemorate him with the bringing of gifts.
Recently it has been found that Sept 11th was Jesus’ actual birth date. We were never told to celebrate it in scripture, but I’m sure if you wanted to bake a cake and put a cross shaped candle on it he wouldn’t mind. Jesus was born on the feast of trumpets on 3 BC. This is known because of the astronomical alignment of the stars at that point in time.
So if we know the truth about these holidays is it wrong as believers to celebrate them? Is it ok to mix our holidays with pagan holidays even if we change the meaning and don’t recognize or worship the pagan gods? In short I think if you have the full understanding of this you should feel some conviction on this matter and not celebrate these holidays, take a stand and go against the system. It should make you angry that satan has deceived us into pagan rituals. But for the people that don’t get it and have no knowledge of such things, God can use for good. Is it not a good thing if someone who is unsaved gets invited out to an Easter or Christmas service and gets saved? Of course, so it is better to have preaching of the gospel under this deception than none at all!
I don’t think I ever will go stand outside an Easter or Christmas service with a big sign saying “Pagan Holiday” but I will try and convince people through knowledge that indeed there is a better way to honour God with our celebration, one that will please him much more! What is that? To celebrate HIS Holidays! Yes I fully believe God would be much happier with us if we celebrated his feasts which actually are celebrated on the correct days of Jesus birth (Trumpets /September) and Resurrection (Passover).
In Leviticus 23 God gave the outline of his feasts.
Lev 23:1 The LORD said to Moses, “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘These are my appointed festivals, the appointed festivals of the LORD, which you are to proclaim as sacred assemblies.
Do you see how God said “these are MY appointed festivals, the appointed festivals of the LORD“. He did not say these are the feasts of the JEWS only for a short time period until Jesus comes. These are not feasts of the Jews but they are Gods and most likely these are the celebrations that happen in heaven and God wants it happening on earth as well.
Christians use the excuse “that’s old testament law we are under a new covenant now” all the time and dismiss even the notion that they should celebrate the feasts or keep the Sabbath. They think they are free from some burden now that Jesus has come, thinking it’s so much easier not to live under the law and have to celebrate these festivals and Sabbaths. This is not a matter of salvation as Paul said ” One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind.” (Romans 14:5) If you don’t celebrate the feasts you’re not going to go to hell, but what I am going to do is put forth some wisdom and knowledge so you will be fully convinced in your own mind what is correct.
Firstly people use the argument that this is old testament law therefore it is not longer relevant today. Well to start I’m not even talking about law I’m talking about feasts and holidays and even if I were, did Yeshua not say this:
Matthew 5:17-19
“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”
I am not going to go into a detailed description of what each feast represents but each one has very deep spiritual meaning to God’s plan for humanity and most are pointing to Yeshua and his redemption. There is no evidence in scripture telling us to stop celebrating God’s appointed feasts. So are you trying to tell me God doesn’t even care if we celebrate HIS holidays, are you telling me he is alright with you celebrating the 2 most important events in God’s plan for humanity on the wrong day with pagan traditions that were originally meant to honour false god’s? Rob Skiba put it best when he said it is like you cheated on your wife and then years later after you have made up with your wife, every year you forget her birthday but on the women you cheated with birthday you bring a present to your wife and say happy birthday dear! How do you think your wife would feel? How do you think Yeshua feels when you celebrate his birthday on Nimrods, the embodiment of false gods?
People think honouring the Sabbath is old testament even though it is part of the 10 commandants. Christians all worship on Sunday which honours the sun god. It’s not the end of the world if we celebrate on Sunday but the truth is that we don’t even make it a Sabbath. The Sabbath is to be celebrated from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. This is when you REST and focus on God and Family! Wow a whole 24 hours of rest during the week, now who wouldn’t want this! Think about how much closer you would be with to God and your family if we only kept the Sabbath. Instead we choose to go the way of the world and worship on the devils holidays where he makes us work like a dog. Do you remember that nothing was open on Sunday’s and it was more of a family day for society? Not anymore, the devils system goes 7 days a week 24 hours a day completely nullifying any Sabbath. Think of how much work putting on a Sunday service is and how much community really takes place? Think about how much work goes into a Easter production? What if there was a feast that fed the poor and told them the gospel that day? What if your whole city shut down for Passover and every banquet hall and conference center was booked to feast in celebration of Yeshua? What a testimony and Ishtar oops I mean Easter would be no more! This is what has happened, the anti-christs have risen through the beast system and changed the set times and laws.
Daniel 7:25

“He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.”


Everything about our society is pagan and contrary to God including the current calendar, so no wonder we worship and celebrate on the wrong days. There is much blessing for celebrating things Gods way and if the church truly got this many of its problems would disappear. Is that why there are many believers that have made a stand to keep the Sabbath, and start honoring some of the ways of the Jews? I believe the spirit of prophecy is trying to give the church a hint. By doing this you will be making a big statement to the devil that you are not going along with his system any more, and in turn will receive a blessing instead of a curse. I believe in times past where ignorance and deception ruled it was more acceptable, but today God is leading his people out of deception. As the end approaches it will become more mandatory that we do things God’s way because if it is truly our day that the anti-christ is setting up his world wide system than it’s going to be one or the other, either you worship satan or you worship YHWH.
This posting is a message to all believers, pastor s and churches to wake up and start thinking differently. Stop being bound by your tradition and the deception of this age and hear what God is trying to do. It is hard for people to accept new truths from what they have always known because the system of propaganda is so strong and they are so willing to just accept it because it’s easy. Before I finish I want to give an example of what I mean. In researching this I came across 2 articles defending Easter from big Christian sites. I found both the articles from the big name Christian sites did nothing to prove the case for Easter or even disprove arguments from other articles stating it was a pagan holiday. In fact they seemed to be written in the same fashion as the secular media uses to white wash over lies, talking like they are certain they know the truth and dodging around the most important points. I think that they were written so the typical Christian that hears someone say “Easter is a pagan holiday” will go to this so called official source written by someone with a PHD in theology and just believe their weak argument because that’s what they have been programmed to do. My pastor said so, so it must be the truth…
Let’s take a look at Bible Gateways article written by Mel Lawrenz.
It basically says in a few short paragraphs don’t worry there is no direct association with a pagan festival it’s just the name of a month and even if it was it’s ok to just to Christianize pagan things, it’s our way of showing that we trump the devil…don’t worry kids just take my word for it no need to do another google search to find the truth just go back onto facebook and don’t question anything.
So this guy writes 3 paragraphs and expects itto win an argument over any of the previous articles I posted above? The guy who had done pages of research referencing whole books written about Easter being pagan? I guess we should just take his word for it folks, all those other people with research and facts must be wrong.

It is my belief that Western Christianity is completely controlled from the top and most of the big names and institutions are run by free masons and occultists. You may find it hard to believe but I did over 100 pages of research on this topic if you care to take a look. I could have no other conclusion given what I had found. So sometimes I look into things to see if I can make any connections.
The guy who wrote this article is often featured on Bible Gateway and some quick research shows he is one of those guys right at the top leading a mega church and being educated in all those ungodly institutions;

He received his B.A. in English from Carroll University, his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and his Ph.D. in historical theology from Marquette University.

He has stepped down as mega church pastor to work on The Brook Network dedicated in education. The first thing I look for in ministry sites that are run by pagans is pagan symbols. They love to put some pagan sign out in the open like a calling card.

Check it:


His main symbol is the pagan infinity symbol, the cross isn’t even on the website. You can’t get around that, and you will be blown away by one of the esoteric meanings it (the infinity symbol) has:

“The use of a figure eight to represent infinity is an interesting choice, as eight is linked to the pre-creational infinity through the Ogdoad, the primeval forces of chaos in Egyptian mythology, represented as eight deities which existed before the creation of the sun god (the gods and their corresponding goddesses being Heh and Hauket, Amun and Amaunet, Nun and Naunet, Kek and Kauket).
The use of the figure eight can also be linked to a cyclical sense of infinity through the eight pagan festivals of the year and the octagram (an eight-pointed star symbolic of fullness and regeneration).

The infinity symbol also represents the 8 pointed star of Ishtar.

Ok let me get this straight, the guy who they got to do the article to defend Easter uses the pagan infinity symbol that is linked to the 8 PAGAN festivals and to Ishtar. Wow! And if scroll down on the Brook Network page he has an article up” ‘knowing him,’ an Easter Devotional”, and further down one on Christmas as well.
Check out his book “Spiritual Influence” which states; ” If you are in a position of positive influence, if you exercise leadership in any way, your faith in God gives you a power- a Hidden Power -that will allow you to make an enduring difference in the lives of other people and organizations. But how does that power work?
I have done enough research to know that this guy seems to be inserting his new age beliefs into Christian teaching. This has been the agenda all along. The Occult are the ones that have the “Hidden Power” we in turn have the unmasked power of God at our disposal!
Anyhow this is not the point of this article to go down these rabbit trails I just wanted to give you a glimpse of where this “official” view of Easter is coming from.

This second article written for Christianity Today written by Anthony McRoy is no better.
Who is Anthony McRoy? He is a writer who writes for both Christian and Islamic publications. Yes that’s right folks he also writes for Islam. Besides that he again uses the argument it’s not wrong to Christianize pagan things and then goes on to try and say that “Easter” is not derived from a pagan festival. He goes on to say that there is evidence that Christians celebrated an Easter/Passover holiday in the past and that any pagan connection before that is of no significance. Isn’t that the whole issue we are arguing about Christians instead of celebrating Passover celebrate on a pagan holiday making it a Christian/Pagan hybrid holiday Easter? Why would Christians just not celebrate on the true holiday and call it Passover? He goes on to try and discredit the pagan roots by saying that some Monk (Venerable Bede) really had no idea what he was talking about and had a “sketchy” understanding of the topic. Even though you can easily find the Easter linked to the ancient pagan festivals in occultist websites and books. He ends by trying to say the name “Easter” is in no way from pagan origin and simply means spring or “the month of opening”.

Those are the 2 “official” rebuttals off of mainstream Christian sites.  I found some other articles on old denominational websites that offered a much better rebuttal but still when you read through the deception they were still saying the same things. You make the choice who you are going to believe, I know I have. It is the time to search out the truth and make informed decisions. As I have stated earlier if you have been convinced of the truth and have the conviction in your heart stop celebration these hybrid pagan holidays which are abominations in the Lords sight. Start celebrating his true holidays.
It is sad that many Christians no nothing of Feasts let alone any of the Jewish traditions we get our roots from. I recommend doing a study on the Feasts and maybe even go to a synagogue and share a Shabbat with a Jewish family.
I will leave you with a great article on God’s Calendar and the feasts;


Just in case the main article I was referring to disappears I will re-post it hear:

21 thoughts on “Is it wrong to celebrate Easter & Christmas?

  1. Thank you for this article! I have been really considering/praying/researching about whether my family should still be celebrating Christmas and Easter! For years on past have been moved by Holy Spirit to learn and embrace His Feasts – Shabbat/Passover and the others. It has been a great Blessing and Peace to our household and my relationship with Christ! Now i have to tell you -i love trees! And i justified well – i put the names of God ornaments on my tree and even though we give gifts , Thanksgiving/Christmas and New year holidays are all about God to me especially in how we have celebrated in the past!

    Discovering the significance of the traditional dates as you mentioned and the “history” and what is “perpetrated” behind the inclusion of what we many Christians have embraced as “tradition” is alarming!

    i’m saving this article to share with many of my other friends! We need to be aware of Satan’s trickery & devices! “Show me your ways Oh Lord; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day” Psalm 25:4,5
    You know one of the hardest things to let go is something that you “feel” is not harmful, a tradition (everyone else does it), or chalk it up as “this is what we do.” But once you see the “evidence” presented why would you want to be a part of the “deception?” Wow!!!- i write this as much for myself as i share my thoughts! Thankyou again -and i encourage other believers to “Get Into” the Word of God and know our Fatber in Heaven!!! We need greater discernment and more understanding and obedience in the Lord!!!

  2. Amen! I truly wish more people would see this! It’s as if people have buried their heads in the sand and go blindly with tradition never stopping to think or question “why?”

  3. I disagree that we are tied to the Sabbath observation. Jesus rose on the 1st day of the week. Mark 16:9. We are in a New Testament time with Jesus, sealed with His blood, which Paul explicitly explains all throughout the New Testament. You do not put new cloth in old cloth nor do you put new wine in old bottles. You put new wine in new bottles. When a new baby boy was born in Israel, he was circumcised on the 8th day. It was his 1st day of being a new little baby boy in Israel, or 8th day. The same with the Menorah, which is the actual sign of true Israel. The Menorah was supposed to burn 7 days, but it burned 8 days. All of these things signify the New Covenant in Christ Jesus. Old things are passed away, “all” things have become new. Now, in Christ Jesus we REST in Him every day. He rose on the 1st day of a New Creation in Him. In Him, we are in a New Creation. We are in the 1st day of His New Creation, which is likened to an 8th day. The third day, the 1st day, the 8th day….New Day. Actually, we now have two days of rest = the weekend, but every day is a day of rest in Jesus. And, bty, His sacred Name is Jesus, not Yeshua, or any of those other names. Nearly 50 scholars translated the Bible from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. If for no reason but the fear of the Almighty, they are not going to get His Name wrong. I suspect that all this sacred name stuff and saying that Yeshua and YHWH are His names, is because of the Talmud. None of this change of His Name really started until the movie The Passion came out, by Mel Gibson. Everyone is so easily deceived by Hollywood. Many people died to preserve the Word of God found in the 1611 version of the King James Bible. The scholars checked and rechecked their work. God protected His Word in the King James Bible of 1611 so why are foolish Galatians being so bewitched by not adhering to the Word of God and preserving His Name of Jehovah and Jesus. Because of deception would be my reply. For example, ancient Hebrew and modern Hebrew are not the same. So why are people deviating from the Word of God preserved in the Bible and deviating from His true sacred name of Jesus and Jehovah. As for me and my house, I will adhere to the Word of God and know that there is No Other Name Under Heaven whereby men can be saved, but in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And I will continue to observe Sunday or any day of the week, because I rest in the new finished work of the cross and in the New Day in Christ Jesus.

    • It is true we don’t have to celebrate the Sabbath to receive salvation, BUT if we are going to observe a day of rest why would it not be on the Sabbath? I believe since it is God’s true day of rest it is important to him and I believe he is leading people to be different today by observing it.

      • You are a patient man Adam. In all Catholic Editions of the bible Mark 16:9-20 can be found, but not in others. The Catholic ‘Jerusalem Bible’ includes it, then in the footnote admits that the addition may not even have been written by Mark. The whole of it is pretty fantastic in its claims and not seen in reality.
        Anyway Jesus did not rise on Sunday morning – he was gone before then. Luke 24:1.
        I believe keeping the sabbath on the correct seventh day of the week called His (My) sabbaths as opposed to ‘your sabbaths’ which would be Sundays, is important even unto salvation. Breaking it with a high handed attitude carries the death sentence. God draws near on the seventh day sabbath, and its purpose is to receive His instruction. (Bible references can be supplied.) Chances are Satan draws near on the Sunday sabbath with his instruction.
        More importantly, the first four or five commandments (Honour God, our Father. Israel our mother, so our days may be long in the land nationally – as promised), are our duty to God – to love honour and obey Him with all our heart, mind and strength.
        Significantly, the Roman Catholic Church influence has done away with the first four or five of these commandments. This includes the true sabbath, and idolatry where crucifixes and statues are named by the name of Jesus in vain.
        This leaves the last five commandments, such as not to steal and murder as the social law, our duty to each other as neighbours.
        When, from the Ten Commandments, the first five owed to God are removed, and only the five social law commandments remain standing – you find yourselves living in a state of Godless socialism. A state of affairs called Communism, the color for which is the red of the Roman Catholic Church cardinals.
        This pretty accurately describes today’s USSA whose days can not be for much longer in the land. The District of Columbia (not part of the USSA since 1982) has its own flag of three red stars and three red stripes on a white background – no blue. It is a separate state like the Vatican and Crown City of London making three for the three red stars. The NWO spiritual, military and religious independent zones.
        The red worn by the cardinals of the Catholic Church and the pope’s red shoes, symbolizes their willingness to shed blood and to wade through it.
        Keeping the correct sabbaths and appointed feasts on their correct days is very important and seldom abided by. But that is another story.

    • “. . . . . . . Sunday or any day of the week, . . . ” A good place to start since you are open to any day of the week, might be the seventh day sabbath of the Ten Commandments. After all what have you got to lose?

    • If you worship on Sunday instead of the Sabbath, then you call God a liar. Ex.31v14 You shall keep the Sabbath day… the 5th. commandment is Ex. 20v8 keep the Sabbath day holy. Don’t try to talk yourself out of Gods word as if God has changed, Mal. 3 v6 says God does not change. End of story.

  4. A few months ago I read a book about the original language of the Bible, and how the New Testament may have originally been written in Hebrew, especially since all of the writers (to my knowledge) were Jewish. If you’re interested the book is called “Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots of Our Faith.” They mentioned celebrating the Jewish Feast days as some of you are. I have to admit I’m a little confused about whether we are to continue observing the Feast days. It is so strange to me that Christians will willingly celebrate these pagan holidays disguised as Christian, even when they know the origins of them aren’t of God, in fact they’re in opposition to God, not even benign. I do understand that it’s hard, especially when your entire family is all about Christmas and Easter. Some people rationalize it in their minds, saying we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas, even though it isn’t the actual day He was born. I don’t put up a tree, however I’m single and have no children so it’s pretty easy for me not to do that. I have given gifts on the holiday, just because gifts are given to me and I don’t want to hurt feelings. How did you say to your families that you wouldn’t be participating in these holidays? How did you explain it to them, especially if they weren’t Christians?

  5. Moderator,
    This post I just sent, left out the most important quote form the Moffat bible (Prov.7:19-20)
    Please include it if you are able or release it to me for correction.
    Thank you,

    • Easter is only Easter in anglo germanic countries. It is PASCHA in Greek means PASSOVER and it is celebrated when it is celebrated because Jesus died and rose from the dead around Passover.

      Ralph Woodrow I think is the author of a book that repudiates Alexander Hislop’s sloppy work that he used to push.

      Nimrod was over a thousand years away from Semiramis, so its all garbage, and the way Hislop cites trilads of false gods it is obvious the only reason he didn’t denounce The Trinity is that he didn’t dare, but laid the groundwork with his kind of “research” and thinking patterns for anyone else to do so. Being a clergyman himself he probably didn’t want to risk his career and pay.

      dying and rising gods could be an argument against The Resurrection. Actiually they are all warps by paganism of the primordial promise that the seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent who bruises His heel.

  6. Thank you for having the courage to write this post. In 2009, the Holy Spirit called us out of the “church” system and we journeyed with Him to a land that we did not know. (Genesis 12) At the time we thought He was going to bring us to a different church but little did we know He was going to lead us to an entirely different place. We had no idea that what we called church was not of Him and was filled with false doctrines and false teachings. In July of last year He led me to begin documenting my journey of spirit and truth. Here is my blog post of when He revealed to me the false doctrines of Christmas and Easter.

    That was back in October. As a result, we did not celebrate Christmas this year and we just celebrated our first Passover this week at twilight on Monday April 14th. I have learned so much more since the point of receiving that truth. I am in the process of writing another blog post on the second passover for those who were defiled and missed the first one. (2 Chron 30) It is my hope that those who are just coming to learn this truth take it to heart and do not miss this very important memorial. We have been deceived into worshipping the beast through these false systems of worship. Remember the golden calf. (Exodus 32:3-7) They made a golden calf and then said it was the God that brought them out of Egypt. They did not deny YHWH, they just redefined Him and the way they worshipped Him. They built an alter around the calf and proclaimed a feast. And they brought Him burnt offerings and peace offerings. And what did our Father say, “They have turned aside out of the way which I commanded them.” I pray for every person who reads this post. that they would turn away from the false worship of Easter and turn to our Father’s prescribed ways of worship.

      • Well I guess your experience has been different than mine. As I have come to understand these truths, most of my “Christian” friends have gotten offended and separated. Even if I don’t impose my beliefs on them, just my decision not to celebrate these pagan holidays and honor His Feasts instead has caused them to divide away. Our family was also very disappointed and didn’t want to give up their Christmas and Easter celebrations and our decision not to participate impacted them. So for me, it has taken courage to not only stand for the truth but even more to share it with others. As far as this not being anything “new”. This was all new information to me just a short period ago. More people need to be speaking the truth so more can come out from under the veil of deception. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. I am glad to hear you have not had the same challenges.

    • I agree with you that we need to leave Babylon, your post is a good addition to this one. I do agree with the next phase, worship. It is my heart to throw huge parties on the feast days as worship to the Lord!

      • I fully applaud Tammsyn’s courageous decision to take a stand against the feast days of the Baals (Hos 2:13) which are also called by YHVH the feasts of mirth (Hos 2:11). I also applaud the article championing this stand. These feast days of the Baals are indeed the feasts of mirth as they are preceded by the words ‘happy’ and ‘merry’, this also goes for birthdays which is just an observation here, but may be the reason why there is no command, as mentioned in the article, to celebrate a birthday for Jesus Christ.

        Staying up all night, if you can, on the Passover night (Tammsyn had the correct night this year) leading into the 15th Abib night part, is commanded in Exodus 12:42 RSV as a watch for the LORD age after age, just as he watched over Israel as he brought them out of Egypt. He must be going to return that night for people obeying this command ( the bus stop command) 1. To deliver them from the tyranny of the worst of the ‘new world order’ (Rev 3:3 KJV) 2. To leave behind those not looking out this night of the watch and not awake for his coming, when he returns like a thief in the night (Rev 3:3 KJV/RSV/ LIVING is clearest here. Rev 16:15 also). Further the Moffat says HE has gone on a long journey (nobleman), he took a bag of money with him (ransom), he shall not RETURN till the full moon feast ( to the final rescue of those who had to learn the hard way, being captive to the brutal ‘new world order’ Jesuit masters).

        Putting all this together spotlights the importance of getting this right. All these verses are applicable only to Passover evening into the night part of the 15th Abib. So abandon the worthless Babylonian feasts and false sabbath (Sunday) also. The 7th day Sabbath and Passover are important marks or signs. There are only two. ” Flee Babylon. Escape to Zion.” ( Zech 2:7)


      • The Moffat bible quote (the RSV is good also) is Proverbs 7:20. The ‘full moon feast’ is the Passover. There are two full moon feasts 15th Abib and 15th Tishri. The full moon shines through the night, not the day. Only at the Passover is the night of watching and wakefulness commanded. Exodus 12:42 RSV. So the 15th Tishri is eliminated here. Revelation 3:3 sounds like a threat. The Living makes the threat more clear. In the KJV the word ‘watch’ is used. In the RSV the word ‘awake’ is used. Both are correct as you can only watch if you stay awake on that night. It is a night time vigil.
        The Passover is at the equinoxial full moon – a day of neither cold nor heat, neither summer nor winter. It is also a day of light for 24 hours. There is first of all the full moon light, then the unknown hour of the return of Jesus in glory with the remaining 2/3rds of the loyal angels (stars). With all this light the stars will withdraw their shining, as in the early morning when only the Morning star Venus in the east and setting moon in the west, can be seen. Zech 14:6,7.
        Revelation 16:15 and Exodus 12:11 also are tied to the Passover, when, the Saviour/rescuer/deliverer/Redeemer will return as expected – but like a thief, in that the hour of arrival remains unknown, but the occasion IS known.
        These fifteen days into the first month Abib of the year make up the added half month number of 1335 days of Daniel 12:12. That being 44 1/2 months. Three and a half Hebrew years can include two extra months of Adar II. Plus the half month of 15 days brings us to the Passover. The start point is not solved yet. But thinking about it over the years, the penny will finally drop.

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