Wolves in the Christian Music Scene Toby Mac

Not only have the wolves taken over the pulpits but also the music. I have written a bit about the infiltration of the Christian music scene in previous posts but recently came across this article on Toby Mac by the Vigilant Citizen.  The imagery in his new album is so blatant that even non believers can see these fake Christian artists a mile away.  His latest Album is called “Eye on it”, and all the imagery is ONE eye.  If you know anything at all about Artists that have sold out they frequently flash the Illuminati imagery in their stuff and love to cover one eye. I see this all the time with big artists. Take a look:

Toby Mac Making sure only one eye is visible. Is that the (Masonic) Disney Castle???



Looks real childlike here with the pyramid and all seeing EYE, anyways…


His New Album Cover

Eye on Shirt in Music Video


An Eye that spins opening up the video.

DC Talks Logo which looks a lot like the eye or Horus.

Britt Nicole posing with the one eye who appears in this music video.  The 3 fingers up is also a sign but normally you make a circle with your thumb and index finger, but instead she holds the heart…touching.

On top of the Imagery which looks obvious to me, if you still are convinced take a peak at the lyrics to this song that appears on a previous album:

Lyrics from a Toby Mac Song:

“Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you

Illuminati comin’ through

Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you

Illuminati comin’ through”


What do you think?


This Article had much more but unfortunately wordpress has deleted it…

original article from VC here:






5 thoughts on “Wolves in the Christian Music Scene Toby Mac

  1. Great job. Keep up the good work. Most will label you as being judgemental. But the word of God some to call out these wicked false prophets, and those who teach lies for moneys sake.

  2. Dude, it was totally obvious. I was shocked when I was searching for this song we sang in church with similar lyrics (Britt Nichole). I was so dissappointed. It isn’t being discussed IN THE CHURCH, just ‘around’ it. I am not blind anymore- no pun intended.

  3. Hello, I was wondering if there is going to be another conference in LA in February again this year with L.A. Marzulli and the like. I’d love to go if there is one.
    Thanks, Debbie

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