Decoding the End Times

For any one that is able to make it to LA Feb 21st there is one of the most accurate conferences on the end times out there being hosted by The Prophecy Forum.

Speakers include LA Marzulli, Rob Skiba, Gonz from Canary Cry and more!

I have been in the church all my life and have heard many angles of the end times and I have to say that you will find no where else that has as much knowledge and insight into the world we are living in than at this conference.  Unlike most teachers in the church today that only rely on regurgitated information from religious Bible scholars, these guys are on the cutting edge investigating claims and artifacts around the world, studying the original languages and backing up what they say with solid facts.

It’s only $30 for the whole weekend!

11 thoughts on “Decoding the End Times

  1. Wow so you just discard all the obvious PROOF because one of the articles was “too long”. Wow, talk about not willing to be open to what others say or other people’s input. :-/

    Sadly because of your lack of really investigating this, you are truly missing the STRONG connections between these guys (notably Marzulli and Dizdar) with the NAR. And that they get their sources from extra biblical sources. Not to mention they all espouse Chuck Missler as their “inspiration” when in fact it has come out and is documented that his sources were plagiarized from an occult book. The biggest kicker is they hardly ever give the gospel and use DNA corruption for the reason for the flood and not sin, if you could get past your fascination with these men and look closely, they undermine the gospel. And the list goes on…

    You throw out the whole “cutting edge”card, well you sound no different than Mike Bickle when he puffs up those kids at IHOP telling them that. So in the same way, you are elevating these men to have some sort of knowledge or insight that no one else has.

    In regards to the conspiracy stuff, with all do respect your assumptions make you look foolish, simply because someone like myself who chooses not to follow these false teachers, that automatically I am uninformed. How prideful! Wow! FYI I use to follow these guys, tuned into Marzulli every week. I even use to interact A LOT with Skiba on my old Facebook.

    Truth be told, I DO believe there is truth in MK mind control, Illuminati rituals, Satanic ritual abuse, demons masquerading as aliens, 911 inside job, and on and on. However it is the same concept as not following the NAR false prophets, just because one does not follow them does not make someone a cessationst. Same HERE just because someone does not follow these false teachers does not make someone “unaware” or uninformed”. I don’t have to listen to these false teachers to know about these things. There again, an elevation of mere man, that is SAD!

    Grace you mention? That is the same thing I was told when I left the charismatic movement and my old church “you have no grace”, always that grace card. What does grace have to do with supporting false teachers? Marion IS right you are NOT “Deception Free”.

    I pray the Lord opens your eyes to this deception. Take care.

    • What do you expect? I get every type of person on here commenting on here telling me “Im not deception free” and a billion other things. I have no right to comment back and defend myself? Im gunna let people cut me up on my own blog? No Fruits of the Holy Spirit, like you even know me. Are you a Christian and addressing me this way?

      So since you followed these guys and now don’t what is your real reason you stopped listening to them? What these guys are saying is making sense and no one else is even looking into this type of stuff. I have heard them say nothing that contradicts the bible. The Herescope guy doesn’t have any valid points, he is falsely condemning them. Tell me how these guys are a big part of the NAR? The only real deceivers in the NAR are the guys right at the top, the rest are just decieved sheep being led astray.

      These guys are researchers and teachers not prophets, not everyone has the same job in the kingdom. Im not using the grace card that the NAR and Elijah list use when they blatantly sin and give false prophecies, all Im saying is that these guys are researchers lookly dimly into a fog that no one else dares to approach.

  2. Sooo…you believe these men are telling you the truth? Do you consider at all…that “whistleblowers” might be liars…and part of a propaganda machine…where all opposing parties…are on the same”team”…to lead all manner of “sheeple” into varied deception. You may be wise to some things, but…sadly…you are NOT “deception free.”

    • So I guess you believe some terrorists in a cave on the other side of the world blew up the world trade towers right?Yes I do believe these guys their research fits into the big picture.

      So how do you explain UFOs? Aliens? I bet you have a really educated answer.

      • And you are a Christian and you are addressing Marion this way, so condescending? Pretty sad! No fruits of the Holy Spirit. I pray the Holy Ghost convicts you. God bless and take care.

  3. Sooo sorry to tell you…only MORE deception being promoted…most of those speakers are new agers…done my own research via their sites, etc. Calvery Chapels exposed as false church with demonic roots, filled with false teachers. Need to check out expose’s on several sites…Ephesians 511 blog with William Saunders, News 4 the Masses, and Fanatic for Jesus…Galatians 4 for good measure…some of those in the conference have been uncovered…for therest, the phrase ‘birds of a feather’ pretty much covers it.

    I agree that the truth is not found in the church ‘system’…neither is it found in luciferian filled conferences. Truth is learned as each believer commits themselves to the study of God’s word…alone.

    • I don’t know about every speaker there, But all I have to say is LA Marzulli, Rob SKiba and Canary Cry are solid and no one else even begins to even mutter the topics they are covering. What are your links to the proof and what speakers are you concerned about?

      • Many in the modern Evangelical Church teach that anything other than a Pre-trib rapture is false teaching. Since this is taught, the typical believer never seeks out opposing viewpoints. My point being that, the Reformers and Christians who came before them, never saw a Pre-trib rapture in Scripture.

        Calvary Chapel, LA Marzulli, Tim LaHaye, and other popular Evangelicals all teach Dispensationalism and there is no truth in it. It is a deceptive set-up by Luciferians to usher in a New Age/Masonic christ. With a little research, you will learn that New Agers have a plan to create an End Times scenario, which will cause many to lose faith. The Pre-trib rapture was actually an invention of a couple of Jesuits. Since Calvary is Jesuit infiltrated, you shouldn’t expect anything less from them.

        As a side note to this, Calvary Chapel was instrumental in getting the Charismatic and Ecumenical movement started. Lonnie Frisbee was a self professing mystic that helped to bridge the way to having Catholics and Evangelicals become one. With the right search words, all of this is available through research.

      • I agree with most of your comment, but I wouldn’t group Marzulli in with Tim LaHaye they are a world apart. I have never heard him teach on Pre-Trib or anything like that.

      • I am afraid Marion is right. These guys ARE false teachers. They are very connected with the NAR. Here is the 2nd of a series of links proving this:

        AND here is the whole series:

        I DO NOT agree with Chris Putnam because he is one of these false teachers, however I DO find it ironic that Putnam DID accurately expose Skiba as being a false teacher in the Hebrew Roots movement: (you can Google “Rob Skiba False teacher” and it will show the rest of the exposes’ that Putnam did on Skiba).

        Here is a show Skiba did with Peter Goodgame in which he admits to having a “past” with Bill Johnson:

        AND lastly here is an in-depth interview with the writers of Herescope going into the heresies of these men (notable Chuck Missler and LA Marzulli):

        I will add this, I myself use to be caught up in this. For the record I DO believe that angels mingles with woman, but I believe anything further than that is eisegesis (adding to scripture). ALL these false teachers ADD to scripture and have even referenced occult sources. Before you respond (or even if you respond) I ask you humbly to review all that I provided here. The proof is out, but like anything else I realize sometimes we wanna give people the benefit of the doubt, but it’s just like any other deception (like the charismatic or emergent guys) false teachers need to be avoided and warned about.

        God bless!

      • I have reviewed your sources and have looked into what they are saying. I would like to say a few things about all this.

        1. It is very hard to see absolute truth in these matters, so give people grace when they are stepping out on a limb teaching on things that most churches would never even mention. I don’t have to agree with every point people have to be open to learning from them, nor do I expect that people will get it all right. I find Western Christian teachers are notorious for finding out some good info and than adding there own opinions as if fact, drawing conclusions on matters when there is not sufficient evidence.

        2. I don’t know every teacher at this conference, but I know the Canary Cry hosts, Skiba & Marzulli are stepping out in some very relevant information for understanding the end times.
        3. NAR; I have written much about the dangers of this group but the big problem is they are everywhere and there are many good people caught up in the movement. It is quite possible they don’t even know that the NAR is a bad thing, most people don’t really even know what it is. If they are getting booked to speak and getting paid, well who wouldn’t go speak if invited considering the church is opposed to most of this teaching. Non of these teachers in my knowledge preach Dominionism, or preach pre-trib, even though they associate with people that do… it’s almost impossible not to if you are going to be going around speaking in different Christian Circles these days.

        4. Herescope: The author here seems very religious and critical. Most of what he is accusing these guys of he has little to no knowledge of. His postings where very long and going into super critical detail about stuff he knows nothing about making many false claims and assumptions. He is making it seem like these teachers are teaching the church to practice occult things, but what they are actually doing is exposing the occult agenda. The religious church doesn’t want to know what the devil has been up to but the bible says to expose the works of darkness. People who criticize these teachers don’t believe there is a conspiracy going on. Please understand that this is essential to all this. If you don’t have that perspective you will not be able to handle any of this information. This is the “PROOF” that is out, if you don’t know about the New World Order, the Illuminati and the occult, you are not going to understand these things about Aliens and Nephlim. If you think terrorist living in caves on the other side of the world flew planes into the world trade center than you might not be able to understand the conspiracy. We are living in the time when Satan’s agenda is in full swing and we are under great deception. How do you think he is going to trick everyone into taking his mark and worshiping him if not through some massive conspiracy. This conspiracy is the “activity of satan” spoken of in the scriptures. When you study all aspects of this conspiracy in line with biblical prophecy the Big Picture actually makes a lot of sense. A lot more sense than what the church is teaching in regards to the end times.

        5. All the teachings about Portals, Stargates, Aliens, Nephlim etc is the reason why I am going to this conference. There is a bigger picture forming here from all this. What do you think the Satan worshipers are doing behind the scenes, playing cards? They are the most powerful people in the world with all of the resources at their finger tips and they all are practicing occultists. The Herescope guy goes on and on about stuff he clearly has no knowledge of. Even the things he was saying was extra biblical was not really. For instances the second heaven, the Bible clearly states that Satan is the prince and ruler of the air(Eph 2:1-3), and we wrestle not against flesh and blood but rulers and principalities in the heavenly places. (Eph 6:12) He says Satan doesn’t have the power to stop our prayers?? Well yes he does when he gets us to sin, when he gets us to fear and not trust God, God does not hear our prayers. (Isaiah 59:2) So Tom Horn could be right in his statement if this is the war in heavens he is talking about. Militant Spiritual Warfare, hmmm like the Church in China who wakes up everyday at 4am to prayer for 2 hours and than goes out evangelizing winning many souls to Christ. That seems pretty Militant to me. I’m NOT for Peter Wagners prayer mapping and spiritual warfare techniques for it’s all mostly offering up confusion and miss direction but I will say this; The book of the acts church was militant in their prayer, the china church, the African church, the South American church is militant in praying and they see a Harvest of great numbers. They may not know just how they are battling the principalities and winning,they don’t need in depth strategies but one thing is for sure they are being effective for the kingdom. The Western church??? Hmm not very militant and dedicated to prayer…. not much harvest….hmmm I bet those territorial demons are pretty happy with the western church.

        6. The things these teachers are onto is the truth even if they aren’t getting their speculations right all the time. The truth is there are UFO’s flying around out there with Alien type creatures in them. I know many people who have seen them and I have had encounters myself. What are they? You can’t deny their existence, you can believe they are from other planets or you can believe they are part of the demonic deception. These crazy occult people are trying to open up portals and do believe in all these different god’s (Which we know are demons). You think Marzulli was nuts for going to peru on Dec 2012? They know from whistleblowers in the occult that the date was one of the biggest in History worldwide for the occult opening up demonic portals. You know what I saw that day over Toronto Canada? 2 huge blasts of energy in the sky that could not be explained other than some spiritual phenomenon. There are many dark programs out there merging military and satanic occult ritual, do you not think it’s a probability that there will be soon demonic super soldiers walking this earth? Just look up MK-Ultra and the Monarch program. It’s so insane that the church can’t except these things because alot of it has been declassified, whistleblown and out in main stream news. It’s all right there if people are willing to look. I can go on and on but one thing is for sure the western church is NOT ready. They will need this militant prayer to get through these dark days, the militant prayer that the bible teaches. The traditional methods are weak inventions of the modern day church that has gone luke warm which consists of praying only a few minutes a day.

        My conclusion in this matter is that these teachers are on the cutting edge of the end time satanic conspiracy and it’s important to know about it. I can’t believe everything single point that make but they are at least in the right ball park. Anytime people step out there are always people to say they are false prophets just because what the other teachers isn’t within their paradigm of thinking.

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