Decoding the End Times

For any one that is able to make it to LA Feb 21st there is one of the most accurate conferences on the end times out there being hosted by The Prophecy Forum.

Speakers include LA Marzulli, Rob Skiba, Gonz from Canary Cry and more!

I have been in the church all my life and have heard many angles of the end times and I have to say that you will find no where else that has as much knowledge and insight into the world we are living in than at this conference.  Unlike most teachers in the church today that only rely on regurgitated information from religious Bible scholars, these guys are on the cutting edge investigating claims and artifacts around the world, studying the original languages and backing up what they say with solid facts.

It’s only $30 for the whole weekend!


3 thoughts on “Decoding the End Times

  1. Sooo sorry to tell you…only MORE deception being promoted…most of those speakers are new agers…done my own research via their sites, etc. Calvery Chapels exposed as false church with demonic roots, filled with false teachers. Need to check out expose’s on several sites…Ephesians 511 blog with William Saunders, News 4 the Masses, and Fanatic for Jesus…Galatians 4 for good measure…some of those in the conference have been uncovered…for therest, the phrase ‘birds of a feather’ pretty much covers it.

    I agree that the truth is not found in the church ‘system’…neither is it found in luciferian filled conferences. Truth is learned as each believer commits themselves to the study of God’s word…alone.

    • I don’t know about every speaker there, But all I have to say is LA Marzulli, Rob SKiba and Canary Cry are solid and no one else even begins to even mutter the topics they are covering. What are your links to the proof and what speakers are you concerned about?

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