What Christians need to know about Alternative Medicine

I came across this article today and suggest you read it.


3 thoughts on “What Christians need to know about Alternative Medicine

  1. Typo for name! It posted before I could correct it! It was the name of the King of Sodom-yikes! I was typing Berean which is definitely more my style!

  2. Believers in Jesus need to research the foundations of any and all practises they are considering involvement with so the info brought forth in this article is relevant. Lack of knowledge and critical thinking has lead many well intentioned people astray.

    Thanks for your research and links which I am exploring. Many concerns and questions are getting answered as I have attended some strange “Christian” meetings in B.C. these past few years and know people who have been connected to the “new churches” mentioned where bible knowledge is weak and encounter/experience/vision/dreams are the accepted manner of Holy Spirit communication. Also a church connected to P. Wagner, Argentina and the ICA where I confirm 7 mountain teaching as well as the 5 fold ministry with an apostle in authority controlling the elders, all the while, expecting revival to begin soon (it’s been spoken of for several years) to fill an empty building. My critical thinking would have been viewed as bringing cursing upon the leadership so retreating was the option after praying with the small prayer team for over a year for the right order and function of the church elders be established. “Treason in high places” was a phrase which came to me as I inquired in prayer as to what was going on in this place. Your links/articles seem to confirm that word!

    Like many of your readers I am without a “church” and trust the Lord to connect me with followers of The Way.

  3. This should be common knowledge these days with the www & digital toys but that seems to distract most from seeking the ” truth”. I had my own personal experience not long ago with someone being new with born again life & left a career with occult alternative practice but still had ” the energy ” coming from her hand when she placed it on my shoulder ; with the intention to believe in me being healed for a physical issue. Well all I felt was very sharp prickling needles trying to pierce my skin; ( very unpleasant experience ). I didn’t judge her but in a later time the opportunity came up for me to mention it & she knew & received the advise well. She must of gone to the Lord about it, as weeks later when she extended her hand to heal , all I could sense was the warm healing presence of God.

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