After reading some more on Rick Joyner and watching a few more videos, I am lead to believe that one of the Masonic orders that have infiltrated the church is the Jesuit Order.  This order was created to combat the reformation and wage a secret papal war to stop the truth from getting out, It was common thinking that the Papacy was the place of the Anti-Christ until that thinking was changed by infiltrators.  Learn about it in this video:

8 thoughts on “Jesuits

  1. Well whoever did this video, definitely did his homework. I come from an arminian background, didn’t know what one even was, thought I was a thoughtful and well informed bible believer, but everything this man has discovered, I also have discovered through Gods direct intervention, finding good theologians and reading them, then begun the arduous task of relearning my faith from the ground up realizing my former beliefs were impossible, contradictory, filled with mans traditions and much worse, filled with teachings opposite of the Lords scripture, meaning they were doctrines of demons right in the church being taught by my beloved pastors. Coming out of the church in america is like Luther coming out of the priesthood. I pray this is happening all over the world as Gods rebuke to all the nonsense being done in His name. We will now work to stop it.

  2. The poop is not the antichrist. Why do you think the thrust of the bible is to expose catholics. That is deception. It was common thinking for protestants because protestants are a reactionary name. Protestant. Rather than Christian. That’s what there limited understanding came up with 500 years ago. All we can do is witness to catholics, and share the gospel with them. Futurism does not mean dispensationalist. Have all the prophecies in the bible been fulfilled, No. Therefore they are in the future. There is no reason to even have a term futurist. Anyone who claims not to be a futurist is saying all bible prophecies is past, which is simply a lie. There is not 4 different way to interpret revelation, there is only one way, the right way. I’m not a calvinist or an armenian. Why does one have to be one or the other, these words are not in the bible.
    Futurism is not a product of the counterreformation, There is no such thing as futurism in the bible either. There is simply fulfilled prophecies, and past prophecies.
    To say the “futurist” interpretation was made up to take attention off the poop isn’t true. Because the poop is not the antichrist. The Bible says there will be a man of sin, the beast of rev 13. This is a future prophecy. Why all the labels. Why can’t something just be true or false.
    Futurism is not the same as dispensationalism. Your voice has a mocking attitude towards future prophecies as if it is bogus. All because you are confusing dispensationalism – with protestantism – and futurist.
    Dispensationalism is a false system of bible intepretation, that happens to be futurist.
    There is no such thing as a protestant. Your either a christian or your not. Was John the apostle a protestant? Protestant simply means protest. You don’t define yourself by what you are not. That’s why the term atheist makes no sense. A more accurate definition would be materialist,
    The future 70th week idea was an invention. But that doesn’t mean that every prophecy n revelation is past. Your in whats called a false dichotomy.
    Ok dispensationalism is a false doctrine. But why does that make you not believe in future prophecies. how is it mutually exclusive. Ok Daniels 70th week is past. But there are still future prophecies. You define everything is scholastic terms that are not in the bible.
    The future prophecies in the bible were given by God, not by the Jesuits. It seems you interpret the bible in light of catholicism. Just like democrats become democrats because they don’t like republicans. Democrat republican false dichotomy

    • I had to laugh out loud, I agree the “poop” is not the anti-christ. I’m not really sure what you are commenting on sir, but I have never said that the Pope was the antichirst, or that all prophecy has been full filled. BUT the Pope has def taken the position of the antichrist for a long time. It says that there will be many types of Anti-Christs before the final. Anyhow I don’t think the guy in the video was saying that either.

      It is still too early and pointless to try and say who is who, we will know when it comes. The purpose of the video is to show that the order infiltrating the church is a Jesuit order. They were the first, there are prob others as well.

  3. Anti – semitism is all crap created by and owned up to by its Roman Catholic Church Vatican author on I believe 16/1//1997 or 1998. Revelation 3:9 specifically states that the synagogue of Satan is not Jewish, just as Rome would dearly love to be the Jerusalem usurper.
    Now hear this all you masterfully deluded anti-Semites.
    Zechariah 2:7 (Living Bible) Ho! Flee Babylon. Escape to Zion.
    No! But you would all rather escape Zion and flee to Babylon — in this tale of two cities. Wise up!

  4. The Jesuits-dunit hysteria is a distraction. The conspiracy is Judeo-Masonic on the human end and fallen angel at the spiritual level.

    • Sure, but I believe there is a Jesuit order that is assigned to take down the church. It is not saying they are at the top of the conspiracy in anyway but rather agents working on a specific project lasting generations.

  5. I agree that Jesuit has infiltrated the Church from the beginning, and all the people you are exposing are spiritual and physical descendants of them. (it does not mean that I agree with the video producer) Jesuit/Freemason/Illuminati/Zionist/Khazars are all the same, and their occult connection is Kabbalah. I believe the Pope will be the False Prophet, not the Anti-Christ. Pope cannot be the AC unless he is one of the Khazarian Jew who comes from Turkey. This current Pope is a Jesuit Pope, and he could very well be the FP. Alumbrados (Ignatious Loyola, 15th Century) was sort of the precursor of the Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt, 18th Century). There are many references but this one connects the Khazar Jews and Jesuit:


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