Spiritual Awakening

People often ask me where the good is in all this bad. Well Times Square Church is a standing legend that I get fed from all the time through the online sermons.  Carter Conlon preaches just like David Wilkerson the church founder who has now passed on. 

This sermon by Carter really got my attention, I think it’s a timely word for believers navigating this deception. 




If it doesn’t work scroll down on their page and look for the sermon with the title “Spiritual Awakening” 


Without a true spiritual awakening by the Spirit of God we will all be lost!

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening

  1. “People often ask me where the good is in all this bad….” I loved David Wilkerson and I love Carter Conlon and thank God for modern technology, so we can still listen to his sermons. Another great preacher standing for the truth amongst all the wolves in sheeps clothing is Zac Poonen from Christian Fellowship Church, telling it how it truly is:


  2. “People often ask me where the good is in all this bad….”

    This is a great blog of import (content), forum (people/process), and timing (urgency). As comment in support of your work maybe I can share an adapted thought from elsewhere…

    “The Truth is extreme – to make it moderate is to lie.”

    There exists some confusion on the purpose of focusing on “darkness.” Some share a common question related to what value there is to evaluating the power, structures, and processes of evil. One wonders what value there is to knowledge related to the emergence of “end-times,” related prophecy, and the emergence of Antichrist.

    The answer of course is that potential value can possibly be found in a number of areas. And, these different issues may take on different levels of significance over time.

    But fundamentally, believers have been called to watch and discern – to be candlesticks. Believers have been called to shine light in darkness. Believers have been called to be “as wise as serpents,” and to identify wolves in the midst of sheep. Believers have been called to take up the cross, and sacrifice themselves to the cause of the poorest, the weakest, the sick and tired – the most vulnerable to the outcomes of these forces. The value of a candle is not easily defined in a brightly lit room, but in the darkness. And spiritually, as in physics, darkness is defined solely by the absence of light!

    The Disciples of Christ were confronted with recognizing Him “in the now.” They were not called to believe in “a” messiah, but that man, sitting right “there.” Adam and Eve were not confronted with recognizing the significance of trees, but of a particular tree, bearing a particular fruit that “was good for food, and pleasant to the eye.” And that which was good for food, and pleasant to the eye, was synonymous with death. The call into discernment challenges one to recognize these same forces, in specific development, today.

    And, of course, darkness is not simply a description of those that worship evil. It is simultaneously a strategy, an outcome, a doctrine, and spiritual force. It is not able to operate in light. It is not able to succeed in light. It is not able to execute in light. The operative organizations are incapacitated without the veil of secrecy. The godhead is not able to operate clearly identified. The doctrine is supreme irrationality, and cannot stand on honest intellectual debate – ecclesiastic, historic, political, or otherwise.

    Deception Free! – great work on some profoundly important topics that require the full attention of His followers. We can be assured we are being led into these difficult, subtle, and many times delicately nuanced issues by Jesus Himself as he is the one which has authored Truth as Alpha, laid down the footsteps of His path to be followed, sent His Spirit as comfort and guide, and is the One which has promised to return as final resolution as Omega.

    Thanks Adam – “people often ask me where the good is in all this bad….” People excited about hearing about jellybean highways in Heaven aren’t going to be at the foot of the cross during His crucifixion! “Lord, have mercy on us all.”

  3. Please continue your blog. I pray that you will always be led and guided by the Holy Spirit to bring light to darkness.

  4. I just got into your site while checking on false prophet Kat Kerr. So far so good (I say this coz’ I have yet to read your other comments). Please pray and keep up the good work of exposing darkness (John 3:19-21, etc… glad to see you expelled from a deceived church).

  5. He is an amazing speaker, you can almost here David Wilkerson in his voice. By the way Marissa Jane Jantzi was born June 12, 2013.

    Even though I am off Facebook, it would be great to see both of you witnessing and growing on Christian Forums.com. So much to be learned and taught. Thanks for the blog.

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