Signs & Wonders- Third Wave

Signs & Wonders- Third Wave Introduction

I am back from a wonderful holiday break and now it is time to continue my series on the church.

I am going to focus now on the “Signs & Wonders” movement and modern day revivals.  Also included in this movement are Joel’s Army, the Manifest Sons of God, prayer movements and Apostolic/prophetic movements.  It is very difficult to write about  this because I have been somewhat involved in this for almost 10 years.  I believe that true moves of God are everywhere and even in this area.  These movements have very passionate and dedicated people serving God in them and have gotten the heart of God and Christianity in a number of ways.  It is Sad that some of the biggest movements in this area have very corrupt leadership at the top and have been misleading these honest people with many false ideas and trapping them in cultish communities. I am enraged that these honest, passionate  people end up wasting so much effort with so little results because of this misguided passion.

What I am going to expose is how the devil has sent his agents into these movements to diffuse any really big legitimate revivals from taking place.  I believe that this is the group he fears most, these spirit lead people that will believe God for anything. If it were not for these agents of his corrupting and diffusing I believe we would see massive revival sweep across North America.

The whole move of the spirit and modern day Pentecostalism was birthed out of the Whales revival of 1904. What set it a flame in North America was the Azusa street revival lead by William J. Seymour. This I believe was a genuine move of the spirit breaking people free from the work of the enemy of the past; the dead stale denominations of old.  An interesting point that I am going to make is how a man named Charles Parham tried to curb this move of the Holy Spirit.  Seymour was a student of Parham who originally had the idea of a Pentecostal baptism.  Parham who maybe was on to some good things in his younger days really went astray after the revival broke out. Parham’s racist roots evidently grew after Seymour (a black man) was having the success he wanted to have with revival.  Parham wanted to be known as the founder of the movement but when he was not allowed certain honors, he turned viciously against it denying it was from God. To further that he had allegations of being a homosexual and was even put in prison for the charges. It was also rumored that in 1910 he became a member of the KKK.

I’m bringing attention to this because this man tried to put himself at the very top of the leadership of this movement but was denied.  It is men like Parham, and worse men than he, that are there at every move of God to try and get in at the top and control the movement.  Parham may have been doing it for personal fame, but others today do it to further an agenda of the NWO.  The point I’m trying to highlight is the Genuine VS the Counterfeit.

An out pouring of the Spirit has many manifestations and opens people up to a whole new spiritual realm that people don’t fully understand. It is very easy to get off track if the movements are not grounded in the truth.  In covering some of the movements and leaders, some I believe started genuine and just got caught up in the deception, and others (who I will clearly identify) are deceivers, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

True revival like Azusa street has had the following characteristics;

#1. True repentance & Salvation

#2. Out pouring of the spirit through evidence of speaking in tongues

#3. It was based on the WORD and people read the word and valued the word

#4. Prayer and Intercession

#5.  Genuine Healing’s

#6.*** Not always and not essential to revival were physical manifestations of the spirit such as falling down, trembling and signs and wonders.  Music was not always essential to revival as well.

Remember this list as we examine some of the modern revivals.

Before I continue I want to restate that I do believe in the gifts of the spirit, signs and wonders, healing’s, the prophetic and I even believe  that God is “restoring” the offices of the Apostle and the Prophetic.  I also believe that all these great things of God have been hijacked and abused by the enemy to further the plan of a one world religion.  I will expose the apostate and counterfeit and give examples of the genuine that exists.

Let’s look at a bit of History first:

After Azuza street around 1960 came the Charismatic movement and also the word faith movement.  This is also is known as the Second Wave.  The Third Wave also known as the Latter Rain, happened during the 1980’s. John Wimber and the Vineyard were instrumental in this movement.  These “revivals” defiantly had some positive impact and spiritual awakening,  but at the same time they are majorly corrupted and have steered the church way off course, becoming  the vehicle for the apostate movement.  It seems that many in this movement start off with a sincere passion in their heart to serve God but then get caught up in this stream of deception and start veering way off the path.

It is impossible for me to research and talk about every corrupt person or legit person in this movement so I will trace the steps of the major players.  There are two angles of deception in this arena and both are connected. The first is the spiritual deception and the second theological and political deception.

With peoples hunger for a move of God and the supernatural, these movements can easily get out of hand unless they are grounded in Jesus and his WORD.   Unfortunately people in their drive for spiritual attainment get deceived by demons offering counterfeit experiences.    William Branham was one of those people.  It was him that has heavily influenced the Third Wave:


William Branham was born in Berksville, Kentucky, in dire poverty. At the age of 5, he heard “a voice” who directed him to abstain from coffee, smoking and alcohol. This disembodied voice was later given credit for his unusual healing powers by William himself. William Branham was fascinated with the Zodiac and Egyptian occultism as his mentor was occultist Franklin Hall. Branham’s obsession with the occult is evident even in his death: his grave is marked by a Masonic occult pyramid atop his grave.

He taught his “Serpent Seed” doctrines in the 1950’s, of how Eve had intercourse with the Serpent, and all the seed from Cain are predestined for hell. He even called the handsome serpent the missing link between man and monkey. Branham later declared himself the angel of Rev. 3:13 and 10:7 and prophesied that in 1977, all denominations would be consumed by the Roman Catholics, the rapture would take place and the world would end. Before his death in 1965, his occult healing spirit was transferred to hundreds by the laying on of hands. These people include almost all the major names who operated as “healing” evangelists during that time, and who are still at work today. They took Branham’s mantle through the period known as the Latter Rain, endued by the power of his demonic occult entity. William lived his life in fear and acted under a compulsive-type behavior associated with his life-long demonic oppression.

William Branham is an important figure in modern day charismatic, Pentecostal, and emerging church circles. The reason is that not just his latter rain theology, but also his “spirit”, and (allegedly) his ministering “angels” have been passed onto a new generation of prophets. A “badge” of elitism and favor in the new prophetic movement are those who can boast of having met or seen Branham’s angel. Testimonies to these angelic encounters are included on Todd Bentley’s website. Paul Cain, closely linked with William Branham, as well as claiming he works directly with Branham’s angels in a similar manner to Branham. It is he who passed the power onto John Wimber and his Vineyard with the prophetic spirit which in turn infected the multi denominational wider church through the Toronto Blessing.

It was Branahm and other people  such as Maria Woodworth Etter that had these questionable visitations from angels and strange spiritual manifestations that imparted even by the laying on of hands into what we know as the Third Wave & Latter Rain movement modern day Pentecostalism.  Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon church (which we know is Satanic) had similar angelic spirits visit him and give him revelation.  The bible commands us to test the spirits because they can be from God or Satan.  Branham defiantly went way off mixing the occult and funky doctrine and today these charismatic leaders still claim he was a great man of God.

John Wimber is the founder of the Vineyard church who appeared to start off genuine before he got caught up in the counterfeit revival taught by Branham.  Wimber also later teamed up with Peter Wagner at the Fuller Institute which is the Christian “Yale”. This is the marriage of the 2 movements, spiritual with doctrine and politics.  Rodney Howard Brown and Randy Clark both were major players in this coming from the same movement as Wimber and it is these men that have influenced most of the movements we have today. It wasn’t until Randy Clark came to Toronto that the crazy manifestations exploded.  This counterfeit revival has infected what was a genuine move of God and now we are left with a bunch of movements and organizations that are far from what true revival is really about.  Some of the major ones I am going to be exposing is the Kansas City Prophets, The Elijah list, Toronto Blessing, Lakeland, IHOP, Joels Army, Manifest Sons of God, Bethel & Jesus Culture,  Patricia King, John Crowder and others.  All these groups are linked with the Theological/Poltical side through Peter Wagner and his International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) and the New Apostolic Refromation (NAR).

Again keep in mind that I’m trying to highlight the major players and there are many more people caught up in this. Some are deceivers and some have just got caught up in it and think they are doing God’s will.  Also I have to admit that this deception is so big that it is part of God’s end time plan and he knows honest Christians will get caught up in it and even directs people underneath it.  For example God directed me under the TACF for 4 years even though it is part of this apostate network I still learned a few things there that God wanted me to learn and met a few people that helped me start my ministry.  But now with the knowledge of the truth of what is going on God is calling people out of the apostate church.

8 thoughts on “Signs & Wonders- Third Wave

  1. Very interesting but also difficult to understand. People in my church still consider the TB to be a revival even though nothing is happening now. I think God will give us watering holes;small groups functioning through the word and the Holy Spirit. We have replacement theology in my church which is sad but not the main thing to leave a church for. The real problem is where to go. I don’t do well in isolation as that was my background pre-christian and it’s healthy to be around believers even if one cannot agree on everything. I have been reading a book by Clifford Hill “The Reshaping of Britain” which mentions all which has been written above and more. The Charismatic revival ended when the Kansas Street Prophets and Wimber came to Britain. John Wimber wrote to Clifford Hill repenting of some things and asked Clifford to come and see him but John died before he was able to get there.

  2. No matter how much of accusations and faults you may find with the ministry of Br Branham you will never eradicate the facts of what God did through his hands and the millions that were impacted by it. It will never.. what amaze me is that this man whom is dead and passed on is still winning souls for Jesus and all your criticism cant even stop it, Why? that which is of the lord no man can stop. 🙂

    • God uses real prophets and false prophets to accomplish his will. People still get saved by Benny Hinn, but we can’t just ignore the deception he is promoting as well. I’m sure Branham did good but he also promoted lots of deception and it appears got led astray by occult practices.

  3. I believe North America to be the “northern army,” and the ‘Toronto Blessing,’ to be the “powerful deception sent (allowed) by God.”
    “binding” and “loosing” removes nothing, but throws the door of the person’s mind wide open for Satan to enter.
    The book of Joel, is a stage by historical stage, prophesy of the corruption of the church, God’s people, by various false teachers/prophets throughout history, stealing God’s Word away from the church, His people – the ‘northern army,’ the final, and most destructive of these groups of false teachers/prophets, is in my own opinion, the corruption we see coming from Canada, and America, including the ‘Toronto blessing.’

    God sends the deception – it is achieving His purpose – the church is being tested.

    It is amazing how people who I thought of as being sincere Christians, and at one time most certainly were, have turned away from Scripture, as a result of the false signs and wonders, such as the ‘Toronto blessing,’ which they even once doubted, and the result of GREAT FEAR, as a result of the false deliverance ministry – they were led to believe they had an overwhelming desire to kill their two children, because of an evil spirit they were led to believe was in their home – if they had never been exposed to such lies, they would never have been THINKING (our spiritual/Spiritual hearing) such things, the minister claims to “bind” and cast out the evil spirit from the home and family, all of which is entirely false doctrine, and “loose” the family, they believe him, and he becomes their hero, and they never ever question his teaching and behaviour again, nor they ever question again, the ‘Toronto Blessing’ which the once didn’t trust – and the woman was a school teacher, and was trying to get the minister into the school to talk to the children.

    To “bind” and “loose,” simply means to – “bind” declare to be wrong, unlawful, not permitted by God, as declared to us in His word, all wrong doing being sin – eg “though shalt not steal,” stealing is “bound.”
    “loose” declare what is right for us to do, repent, be baptized, in water, and Spirit, love God, continue to keep His commandments, love one another, go the extra mile, help when asked for help, endure hardship, etc, etc.

    “Bind,” to declare wrong, and forbidden – as declared in Scripture Itself.
    “Loose,” to declare righteous, and required – as declared in Scripture Itself.

    Jesus Himself was “bound” by Scripture, and “loosed” righteousness in His behaviour, when Jesus was being tempted by Satan, He said, “get behind Me Satan, FOR IT IS WRITTEN.”


    One of my dear friends joined the End Time Hand Maidens, of Gwen Shaw; I tried my best to warn her, I knew little about Gwen Shaw, but when she told me she had to take 33 vows to join the group, and three week fast, I felt something was wrong; later, when I saw from Scripture, that Jesus has said “do not vow, do not bind yourself at all, let your yes be yes, and your no be no………….anything more than this, comes from the evil one.” WOW, a clear enough warning I thought; I had already been expelled from the fellowship a few weeks before, for expressing my concerns about behaviour in the fellowship, but I wrote to my friend, quoting the Scripture, but she would not listen, saying The Holy Spirit was leading her – but of course – “The Holy Spirit will bring NO MESSAGE OF HIS OWN.” Jesus said “do not vow,” and so do not vow it is then. MATTHEW 5 v 36 to 37. The Holy Spirit will never contradict God’s commandments.

    The minister’s son claimed that “God could write me out a cheque for a million pounds, and pay it into my bank account for me.” Scripture declares, and “binds” such claims, saying “avoid, and depart from anyone who claims Christianity is a source of wealth, and money making,” and yet we were all ‘slain in the spirit,’ the ‘Toronto Blessing,’ yet how could God apparently show such support for behaviour, and doctrine, that Scripture declares to be wrong.
    It is a dangerous and difficult time, how bad will it get – “If those days were not cut short……….”

    When Jesus said “I have a baptism to be baptized with,” LUKE 12 v 50, the baptism Jesus spoke of, was the baptism with The Holy Spirit, not for Himself, but for us.

    We are NOT Christians UNTIL we are baptized with The Holy Spirit, The promise of The Father, always attested to with the God given gift of tongues – that is why Satan is so active within the true church, the baptized church, Satan doesn’t have to do great signs and wonders to deceive those who reject God’s Own signs and wonders, and reject baptism, and call God’s gifts evil.

    The only people God is at all able to save, are those who love Him enough to keep His commandments, if they will but endure till the end; Satan needs to be most active, with supernatural works, within the true church, among God’s faithful, and that exactly where we are seeing him at work in his strength.

  4. Timely and very important issue. As I was reading Ruth’s comment, I was reminded of the account of the “Woman with the Flow of Blood” in Mat 9, Mar 5, and Luk 8.

    To tell you the conclusion first, I believe the Church is dying, or at least is getting sick unto death. See, the current Church is largely fake and satanic, as Adam has been writing about. YHVH pulled me out of any church scene 2 years ago and led me to get into the Word intensely, and eventually has reveled to me this massive deception in the Church, the nation, and the world by the Illuminati/Mason satanists. But, be of good cheer! He has a plan. We are to survive this test, pull as many brethren as we can with us from this mess (“Come out of her My people!”), and wait for Him with plenty of oil in the lamp (Word).

    As the account goes, when the older woman with issue of blood, which is the House of Judah in state of sin (Ez 36:17), recognizes the Messiah and is made whole, the little girl, the type of the Church (includes the lost House of Israel), who had died gets revived. And she will be the TRUE Church, the wise virgins. Together, we will form the One New Man.

    I know it will be a rough ride and brutal test, but for those who are true and genuine believer in Yeshua, it is a refining and victorious trial.


  5. @adamandjewely: This is some GREAT information! I, too, was involved in the prophetic movement for 7-8 years and even worked for the Elijah List a large portion of that time (you can read the story here: What you said about Branham/Seymor/Parham was really informative … I’ve been looking for sources to do further research. Do you have any recommendations?

    @Ruth Seymour: Normally, I don’t read or reply to a lot of comments on blogs, but yours really struck me. If I could be so bold as to attempt to interpret. Your dream actually interprets your prior question – “Where do we go?”

    The baby is what God is birthing (or has birthed?) on the earth. Because the church (or God’s final move?) has choked on so much vile stuff (sin, syncretism, compromise), the only thing to do is turn it “UPSIDE DOWN” and pull the stuff out.

    You do not feel that God has called you to separate from the “mainstream church” …. that’s all well and good. But I’m going to tell you, that you have a tough road ahead of you. Perhaps tougher than you think. Whenever you choose to take a stand on the Truth, you will find that unbelievers (and the church is full of them) simply do not want to hear it. Sometimes the Truth-speaker ends up getting kicked out of the church (little c) that he/she is sent to.

    My encouragement to you is Matthew 5:11-12. Stay in the Word … Stay STRONG in the Word. A solid WORD foundation will give you the strength to flip that baby upside down and PULL.

    Thanks and God Bless …

  6. O. K. You have exposed how the Church ( that has reached out to receive the ” fullness of the things of the Holy Spirit “) , and I am aware of most of the things you mentioned of the ” infiltration of ungodly manifestations ” within these bodies of believers. Because of the gifts of Holy Spirit I have been given for the body of Christ, I observed many things that have happened , and the Lord has made me more aware and sensitive to what is going on now. I have a few very mature gifted friends that also recognize all the things going on that you have mentioned. My question is where do we go ?, do we separate ourselves and become so ” unable to function within the body of Christ due to all these signs and end time manifestations that we are ” stunting our growth in what God has called us to be and do with Him .” I have found it to be a very timely part of what God is working within us and I am not going to remove myself from getting stronger in Him and learning to walk totally by the Holy Spirits leading and be an overcomer. Living life outside the Church is hard enough but if your heart is to see your brothers and sister delivered from what is false , how can you if you are not walking in the light you have been given to help ?! I had a dream about 7 yrs. ago at the end of a leadership training wk. and it was just brought back to my memory just a few wks. ago. Basicly , the church was holding a baby in her arms and it started to choke and no one knew what it do! I was expecting someone was going to do something an they just stood there watching the baby choke to death. I ran over and turned the baby upside down but it was still choking. I started to pull a very thick slimy large train of what appeared to be ” junk ” out of it’s mouth. It was transparent and full of worldly stuff, and just kept coming out that it was overwhelming what was there and how much came out. The baby was recovered! Does that tell you just how serious things are?, even a group of leaders were unable to help this baby! Now being reminded of this dream is no mistake, it is a sign of what is still going on. I hope you have a side of recovery for what you are sharing as (that is the answer! ) Like I said before, this is for end time ministry the season you are in right now to prepare for !!!

    • Hey Ruth thanks for your feedback. The more I learn about what’s going on in the last days the more I have no Idea what to do other than rely on God and listen to his voice. I can’t say that every legit Christian should exodus the church, God speaks to people about that on an individual basis. Each church is different as well. But there are ones that are more dangerous than others and if you become aware of things while you are attending a certain church and it becomes so much an issue within your own soul, that may be a sign you should leave. For me it became that. I saw an overwhelming amount of things done that I did not agree with and that I thought was very damaging for the well being of believers that I had to speak up and say something. Once we started researching and telling people about stuff it was clear we were not on the same page as the church and had no choice but to leave.

      It was through this that I realized that it is one of the most difficult things to ever do is convince some institutionalized church that the direction they are headed in is wrong. Unless God specifically tells me to influence a church like that I am going to stay away and put my effort in doing God’s work. I rather be out there evangelizing winning souls, and teaching eager new believers about God than trying to convince a stubborn church that they are wrong.

      I testify to your dream for I had 2 very similar dreams about the church 10 years ago.

      They key is to make sure you are doing God’s will where ever you are at and move when Its time to make a move.

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