Comments from Readers On Israel

Since some people have been upset with my postings on Israel I am going to post a couple of comments. Some people do get what I am saying I am not alone in my opinion that our view on Israel is warped by propaganda from the establishment.

“I was challenged by this article. Not to the point of offense but just , ‘wait-a-minute..this can’t be the case’ kind of notion. Here’s WHY, i know i have been blessed by reading the truth here: consider that, if most already know that all the information that comes through our news networks in this side of the world are LIES, and distortions of the truth. So, why are THEY(mainstream media) along with powerful world leaders all SUPPORTING the state of Israel? ALSO consider please, that it is very true that Orthodox Jews are very much aware of Zionist agendas, and they clearly understand the evils of it. It amazes me that for so long it has escaped my understanding : “The land that is now a Jewish State prior to 1948 was the Arab state of Palestine where people had been living for hundreds of years. They were not enemies of the Jews but some Jews even lived right alongside of Arabs in Palestine. It was the Zionist that pushed for a Jewish State and when they got it they sent in troops and carried out genocide on the Arabs….”

Thank you so much for writing this. Indeed, may God bless the true Jews in the state of Israel and of course elsewhere in the world. We do need to pray for them and love them, and trust that God still has them in his heart and plans… and I think He most certainly does have the Holy Land ultimately for His purposes too! Obviously yes, the land is significant as well.

what people need to consider is those at work behind the scenes…and that the Bible does talk about those who say they are Jews but are of the ”synagogue of Satan”….let all of us check all things with Jesus!! Most importantly though, we love one another even if we disagree (like when my sister says something that i cannot stand, i simply tell her i love her anyway, because we are sisters, after all) And we are all, in Christ, brothers and sisters “

Theresa Ludwick


“Hi Adam. Thank you for sharing about this on your blog.

First, I want to say that you do write well and I’m impressed by your blog.

Second, I was intrigued and glad to see this message since I see so many blurbs on FB from Christians about praying for Israel —- nothing much about the suffering Palestinians.

Finally, I want to say to others. I support the idea that we really need to learn, analyze and challenge certain perceptions perpetuated in our Christian culture. Christian support for Israel has been a bandwagon activity that I wonder how many of us really consider biblically, prayerfully and spiritually. Regardless of whether we agree with the semantics or ideology relating to Israel, we as followers of Christ, need to seek biblical truth, receive from God with our hearts and do everything in the spirit of love. Then we can learn and practice whatever is just and merciful while remaining steadfast in our faith. I encourage all of us to do this rather than instinctive harsh rejection of what anyone is saying about this region.

Pray for peace, pray against injustice and pray for Godly intervention.

Greetings from the Gulf Middle East and holy hugs to you all.”




3 thoughts on “Comments from Readers On Israel

  1. Don’t be put off by the mainstream media and other pro Israel supporters who have been blinded by so much propaganda. You are so right and because you tell the truth you will be hated by the majority, Christ Himself said, ‘And ye shall be hated by all men for my name sake’ May you be blessed indeed

  2. I have found a good summary (outline) article on the global elites (the Illuminati=the Zionist) and their ways of deceiving the rest of humanity. They create divisions, chaos, and wars, controlling both sides, then take over. In the article, there was a paragraph that touches on Israel and their involvement on creating the State. It is a long (61 pages) article but a must read for truth seekers:

    Here is the link to the article:

    Here is the paragraph (comments mine):

    After the war (WW1: 1914-1918, which they started and Roosevelt was directly involved), the treaty negotiations were held at Versailles, hosted by Baron Edmund de Rothschild (the top Illuminati). Accompanying Lloyd George was Alfred Milner and the US delegation with Wilson included Colonel House, Max and Paul Warburg, the Dulles brothers and Thomas Lamont of J.P. Morgan (all Rothschild’s agents and the illuminati). The Treaty of Versailles served three main purposes: (1) it spawned the League of Nations which was the first attempt at world government drafted by House with its Genevan headquarters built with Rockefeller money; (2) it confirmed the State of Israel creating instability in the Middle East; (3) and it created the financial situation to lead inevitably to a second war through which the New World Order could consolidate its position. This was achieved through setting German reparations at a level to cripple the new German republic and by returning all economies to a gold standard which affected all the European countries who were already in serious debt to the American banks, especially to J.P. Morgan (an Illuminati bank, of course).

  3. I know I am late in jumping in, but I really wanted to support you, Adam, because your message on Israel is TRUE. It still needs to be a little better sorted out in our mind, and I am still pondering on many issues related to this topic. But, one thing I am sure is that, our position on Israel should not be political, but be biblical, and we ought to support the “Nation of Israel” and not the “State of Israel.” We belong to the Nation, but not to the State.

    Regarding the Theresa’s comment above, I’d say this. The mainstream and non-main stream media, newspapers, magazines, public education, not to mention the Government, and everything, are ALL controlled by the same people who are the Zionist. They are the international bankers and the elites who OWN the USA, and control all we hear, see, and eat. That is why all we see and hear is supporting their agenda, which is the New World Order.

    We must not support Zionism, because it is satanic in origin, but support the remnant of YHVH’s people. I strongly “urge” you, Adam, to continue working on this and publish it. I am starting my blog very soon, on a similar but a little different project, and I will definitely put your blog on my blog roll.

    Keep up the good fight!

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