Should Christians Support Israel?

Should Christians Support Israel?

I am taking a little break on my series about the church to bring some things to light on Israel, since the whole world is watching in wonder at the middle east right now.

Nation of Israel VS State of Israel

This is where things really get messed if it weren’t messed all ready.  The Nation of Israel from God’s perspective is 1. Believers in Jesus & 2. Jews by blood. A piece of land is not a Nation.  The State of Israel is a modern day political entity and has little to do with true Israel. God is not concerned with politics of man and has some concern for land but not as much for people. People make up nations not land and politics.

This is key for understanding the modern state of Israel. People seem to think that God softened the hearts of the world’s leaders and gave the land back to Israel and think that fulfills the promises of the bible.  Although this is part of God’s plan on the way to full fill the promise it did not go down quit like what most people think.  If you have been reading my blog you will know that I write with the perspective that there is a New World Order conspiracy taking place to bring about global government.  This is a Satanic agenda to bring about the anti-Christ.  This may be a stretch for some people but hear me out. It is fact that the powers that brought the state of Israel into existence are the same people pushing for a NWO. These are evil people not Godly men, they are the same people that put Hitler into power and funded both sides of the war.

If you know anything about the NWO you will know that at the top they are Luciferians and are bending the world to bring about the anti Christ. A big part of them are Zionist Jews, that are not really Jews but Kabala mystics. Zionists are not Innocent Jews trying to get the holy land back, they are sinister major players of the NWO.

How is it that David Rockerfellar one of the biggest leaders in the NWO was instrumental bringing about  the Jewish State (Belfour Declaration). The land that is now a Jewish State prior to 1948 was the Arab state of Palestine where people had been living for hundreds of years. They were not enemies of the Jews but some Jews even lived right alongside of Arabs in Palestine.  It was the Zionist that pushed for a Jewish State and when they got it they sent in troops and carried out genocide on the Arabs. Yes the people who where the victims of the holocaust where now doing the same thing. They came to a foreign land and took it over killing many innocent people.  And people wonder why Arabs hate Israel and fire rockets and blow up buses. The truth is Israel is guilty of far worse crimes than the Arabs. This is the true reason the west supports Israel because it is a NWO controlled state helping set up the global empire.  For the most it has nothing to do with the “chosen” people returning to the promise land.

The modern day state of Israel is not run by Christians, Believing Jews or even Orthodox Jews – but by western puppets and Kaballah Jews. Now why would the NWO be interested in setting up a Jewish state?  Besides the obvious control of the middle east for Oil and resources, they also want to be able to control conflict in the region. It is rumored that the NWO is trying to fulfill biblical prophecy in order to bring about the Anti Christ. They know the bible has to be fulfilled in order to bring about the Anti Christ and Satan has tricked them to think he is going to win the final battle. The joke is on them and Satan, because God is using them to fulfill what He wrote in the Bible and God will win the last battle!
That is one THEORY and here is another of my own. I think Satan hates first the Orthodox Jew because they obey God’s law and brought the Messiah and then even more the Christian for inheriting the promise. It looks to me on the worlds stage anyhow he is going after Jews first. I believe that he is luring the Orthodox Jews into the holy land only to turn on them in one final battle to wipe them out.  Is this not what was prophesied, that peace would be made with Israel then sudden destruction?(Daniel 9:24) You can see that even though this State of Israel in not a Godly state it is all part of God’s plan to full fill prophecy. I believe that when all this happens many of these Orthodox Jews will see the truth and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

There are many Orthodox Jews that do not agree or support this modern day state of Israel they know it is a sham.

20,000 Orthodox Jews at a protest had signs that said this:

  • “Israel” does not represent world Jewry.
  • Rabbinical leaders fought Zionism since its inception.
  • Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism and the State of Israel.
  • Zionism have no right to rule over any part of the holy land.
  • No doubt! Herzl’s dream was a catastrophe for the Jews.
  • Zionism stole the name of Jews.
  • Jews mourn 53 years existence of “Israel”
  • True Jews will never recognize “Israel”
  • Torah Jewry is united against Zionism and the State of Israel.
  • Zionist ideology opposes the Creator
  • Oh No! Zionism will never succeed.
  • We are against “Israel” because we are Jews.
  • Zionism and Judaism are extreme opposites.

As you can see true Jews don’t support the state of Israel, so why should Christians?

It is appalling to see that Christians vote for and support  politicians that support the state of Israel.  They don’t even look at anything else the politician stands for, oh supports Israel! Here is my vote this must be a Godly man. It’s all a political game. People don’t even realize that we don’t live in a true democracy and that votes don’t even count.  They think that there nation is blessed for siding with this state of Israel? I don’t think so, take America for instance, I hear all the time that God is blessing them for being a Godly Christian nation and because they support Israel. America is not a Christian nation. At one point it had many influential Christians that made it blessed, but that time is gone. It is now the most wicked country on the planet guilty of many great crimes against humanity in many senses way worse than Germany ever was. Even if Israel was what we thought it was God is not going to bless an entire nation in sin just on the sole fact that they politically support Israel. Judgment is coming for America and for the world.

To further drive my point home that this State of Israel is not blessed by God and is not even run by Orthodox Jews – take a look at the flag with the star of David on it. Do you ever wonder where they got this image? It is not Christian or Jewish. It is a newly introduced image that was put on the flag. It was never mentioned in the bible and the Jews have never used it before so why would it be on the flag? The truth is that the star of David is an occultic symbol taken from Jewish Mystics and Kabballah. They believe displaying their images everywhere gives them power to accomplish their plan. It would make sense they would use an Ocultic image on the flag since it was the zionist mystics who created the State of Israel. So remember this fact the next time you are flying the Israeli flag around in your church service that it is an occultic image offensive to true Jews!

The Hexagram

The so-called “Star of David” is essentially a “hexagram,” nothing more, nothing less.  There is no Biblical or Jewish evidence that traces this ancient occult symbol with king David of Israel.  However, there is evidence that it was used by king Solomon, after he turned to pagan gods and the occult, late in his life, causing God to become very angry with him .

A Masonic book called The Second Mile, an Eastern Star book, reveals that the “six pointed star is a very ancient symbol, and one of the most powerful.”  The hexagram is used in magic, witchcraft, sorcery and occultism and the casting of zodiacal horoscopes by astrologers.  “It was considered to posses mysterious powers,” says A Concise Cyclopedia of Freemasonry.

There is actually a Masonic Temple around the corner from my house that has the star of david above the door! I will try and take a pic and upload it to my blog.

So in conclusion we have learned that the promises for Israel are for all Believers in Christ not blood Jews, but unbelievers are cut off from the promises. The State of Israel is a creation of the NWO and does not represent true Jews or True Israel. With this all in mind if we as Christians are going to support Israel we should be opposed to the State of Israel and pray for the Nation of Israel in which we all as believers share inheritance.  Pray and reach out to the Orthodox Jews so they come to the Saving knowledge of Jesus, this is where is it really matters, not that they have a physical land to call home, for truly this land is Gods and when it’s all said and done true Israel will inherit the “holy land” and the WHOLE EARTH.





45 thoughts on “Should Christians Support Israel?

  1. Bible book of Amos 5:26 – But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch (Satanic god child sacrifice by fire) and Chiun your images, the STAR STAR STAR star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

    Acts 7:43 – Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the STAR STAR STAR star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    What STAR STAR STAR do the jews (even so called Messianic) carry? Moloch and Remphan
    Moloch was the satanic god that demanded children be burned alive in fire.
    Remphan has reference to the giants, think Goliath
    Look at the Israeli flag.

  2. I enjoy this write tremendously. People are very easily deceived and sadly, waking folks up to see reality for what it really is has proven to be extremely difficult. I “reluctantly” woke up as a kid, but got programmed back to sleep by all those around me who’d rather I remain in a counterfeit world brought to us by all those following Luciferian agendas because that’s where they unwittingly were.

    Throughout my life, going from a kid to a teen, then to young adult and now in my mid-40’s I had always been shown things that always suggested they were wake up jolts. It always worked, but I always fell back into some form of slumber. This, in my opinion, is how most people are. It’s a preference to be lulled back to sleep and believe false reality than it is to remain vigilant as you fight to stay awake and realize new truths as you come across them.

    I got my first major jolt in 2008, but I was too confused and blindly sided with Zionism before realizing what they really represented. I thought the State of Israel were innocents that were wrongfully judged. I remained that way until 2014 when I started to figure out there is a huge difference between the State of Israel and the Nation of Israel. I then figured out what Zionism really meant and now I fully understand the veil of deceit that would have the masses fooled right to the very end.

    The very fact there are vastly different views on this particular blog post alone definitely shows the difference between those who are wide awake and who still have the blinders on. I blogged for a while, really slamming down on the Solomon Seal, which the masses mistaken to be the Star of David. The backlash I got from that is again evidence not enough people are awake yet to see the blatant truths for what they really are. Denial is powerful, but denial is also suicidal. I learned this the hard way and on more than one occasion.

    Have concluded I needed those hard lessons to be in the state I am now. I’m wide awake and have turned into something of a truth addict as I comb over anything and everything I can find to understand as many angles as I can to virtually every argument in existence. In so doing I can figure out who is on the right track and who isn’t. I feel this has brought me closer to God, via Jesus Christ, and the more I see folks trying to discredit them and the Bible the more they merely prove how in the dark they really are.

  3. What about all the miracles during the Six Day War? Another situation of the wheat and the tares, Yahuwah has his plan, and so does Hasatan.


    • Uhmm… I don’t think Zelda was the first to use that symbol, sorry, that’s like saying the satanic star originated from Slayer or the Swastika from Nazi’s – just one explanation, Im sure there is many more.

      The star of David is not the star of Bethlehem, it is actually one of the most powerful magic symbols out there,

      I have seen this symbol on FreeMason temples as well.

      So please, before you call me an idiot you should do some research and play less video games…

    • I didn’t say that they were the first to use it. I CAN tell that it’s from legend of Zelda because I recognize the symbols of the sages around the reinforce. The top left symbol is for the sage of time, top right Is for the sage of fire, center right is for the sage of forest, bottom right is for the sage of shadow, bottom left Is for the sage of water, center left Is for the sage of spirit, and the symbol in the middle of the picture in the center of the triforce is the reflecting faith. The symbol in the top triangle of the triforce is the symbol of power, the symbol in the triangle on the right is the symbol of courage, and the symbol in the triangle on the left Is the symbol for wisdom. The upside-down triangle in the background is the triforce of deceit.

    • You have no clue what you are talking about. You have been brainwashed by Rothschild funded zionist liar pastors.

      Google gay pride Israel. Israel bills itself as Gay Mecca. They are a fraud and an abomination. So are you.

      • My I remind everyone to conduct themselves with respect while commenting on the blog even if the other person is completely wrong.

        DF is about exposing lies and finding truth, not name calling.


  5. Another interesting thing to add on this topic is how backwards the paranoid hypocrites are. All the rightwing propagators constantly spread fearmongering, which in itself proves what spirit they are of since scripture clearly tells us that God did not give us a spirit of fear and that fear of man is a trap. Those who claim to be christians should know better, but they constantly violate scripture deliberately all the time, proving their reprobate nature. These hypocrites are paranoid that Obama is a muslim and is up to some kind of islamic agenda. I have found out that he is actually the opposite of what these fools perceive him as. A site I had come across says that Obama is a zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing. A zionist is the opposite of muslim. Also the Iraq war was basically a war against muslims (I know it was a lot of other things too, too much to get into here) to which Obama continued from Bush. Everything proves just how far off from reality they are. All the lies they hold to makes them look stupid, which of course you can’t get more stupid anyway than deliberately defying God’s instruction from his very word. I recall some time back a rightwing zionist came out with a book that was paranoia about a muslim takeover. One of the strongest cases of hypocrisy ever is these zionists talk about the symbol of the muslim crescent moon as occultic when all along they themselves push their occultic hexagram, which goes under many titles, is the most occultic of all symbols. Also the hypocrisy of fearing the muslims putting up their symbol around the nation, when we have an overabundance of occultic masonic symbols all around, even on our money. Their moronic hypocrisy is boundless. Even knowing the numberology of the occult proves the truth of our nation’s origins since we started with 13 colonies, the number of apostasy and rebellion. Our masonic forefathers did nothing by chance but all by design. When you look into it you will see that their numberology is in all their orchestrated disasters like 9/11 and the JFK assassination, as well as so many other events. Speaking of JFK, I have come across interesting information that you won’t hear much of anywhere, if you are interested. You might already know. Our local media here in Texas is spinning the same old Lee Harvey Oswald (patsy) lies.

    • The whole zionist vs Muslim thing is a sham, just like east vs west and repub vs democrat. It’s only for the minions underneath the doctrines that fuel the fire. People like Obama are not Muslim, or Zionist, they take orders from the Elite, the NWO the Shadow Goverment. Most of them are Occultic in some fashion, Satanic, Kabballah etc..

      • Even though I know that both parties are involved in the NWO it has been only democrats who have strongly opposed it and threaten to expose them. All such who were assassinated by them were democrats: JFK, RFK, & MLK. That has to account for something. Even with both sides guilty it is republicans that lead the way. They are total oligarchs that support all the corrupt rich and are bribed by the corporations, in which most all are owned by satanists or some kind of deep occultists. If you have noticed anytime recently that the repubican logo has been changed from the 3 upright stars to 3 inverted stars, the satanic pentagram, which happened when bonesman GWB got in office. The 3 of them represent the unholy trinity (Satan, antichrist, and false prophet). Satan is hiding in plain sight but most refuse to accept the truth because of their love of lies. We know that Washington is full of masonic symbols, yet most reject the truth over favoring lying propagandists like David Barton to sooth their itching ears. But I know that masons have strongholds all across our nation, not just Washington DC. Just like I noticed fairly recently when I had jury duty that close to the courthouse I saw freemason lodge with square and compass and the inverted satanic pentagram. I was somewhat shocked to see that, figuring that masons were more secretive than that. Even among masons the inverted star is considered evil as some only use an upright star. So it is everywhere and the churches are being set up every which way to welome the antichrist. But as far as the zionist hexagram I’ve heard that that might be the mark of the beast, 3 six pointed stars: 666. It does make a lot of sense when you think about it, what hexagrams are, supposedly “demon traps,” making it like instant demonic possession, as if they weren’t already possessed by a lying spirit.

      • Jesus said that by their fruits we would know them. We hear these republican politicians speak unbelieveable blasphemy such as saying that rape is a gift from God. I never heard such a diabolical and blasphemous lie. That is like calling God a rapist. Well what does the bible say about the antichrist? That he will open his mouth to blaspheme God. Their evil is so dark that it could only be compared to the DARK AGES, which is no coincidence. All throughout the ages the most extreme evil came through religious pretense, whether Pharisees or the catholic dark ages. I found out that their book of torture, the Malleus Maleficarum, was not only used by catholics but also protestants as well, making them no better. The protestant church is not the true church but is the daughter of the MOTHER OF HARLOTS, the catholic church. They did not exist before the catholic church but only spawned from them. Jesus said that a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. All their fruits prove that. Not only do they blatantly defy the 4th and 6th commands but they commit the unpardonable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, especially in charismatic churchs. They are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN who pretend to be what they are not. What amazes me is how they can even think they are following Christ when they defy and oppose everything he taught. And yet these hypocritical fools will still support the same evil republicans that are stealing them blind. They are the most self destructive hypocrites and I can’t feel sorry for them because they have well earned God’s wrath. This false church is the real enemy, not muslims and atheists. It is they who are ready to follow their true master, the antichrist.

  6. Sorry for going long and getting a bit off topic in my other post. Another on this topic I forgot to mention was the scripture Hebrews 13:14, which clearly rejects any kind of nationalism. So even beyond the whole old covenant theocracy is the fact that no nation on earth is our hope and redemption. That scripture clearly tells us that here we have no enduring city. When you read through the epistles of Paul and others they never say that Israel is our hope, but quite to the contrary that they are condemned. My only confusion is about Israel’s place in future prophecy. I know you are probably too busy but it would be great if we could discuss things through regular personal email. I just get so frustrated as I literally have no one I can talk about any of these things. There are a lot of interesting books and dvd documentariues that has made me aware of the massive deceptions going on.

    • I believe that Israel/Zion the “Mountain of God” is the total sum of our prophetic destiny in God. The physical people and the physical land were just shadows of the real thing that fulfilled an earthly purpose ie bringing the Messiah, bringing the Law etc. Considering that we are all Israel everyone who believes we must all inherit the New Jerusalem. Now I don’t believe God has forgotten about the Traditional Jews and the physical land, they still have a part to play, but they are not the center of it all. All the believing people Jews and Gentiles are the center we are God’s true children. Unbelieving Jews are no better than unbelieving gentiles.

      Considering the NWO was responsible for making the current state of Israel I don’t take this to be the final fulfillment of Prophecy, even though it may play a part in the end times. What we really need to recognize is that there will a be NEW Jerusalem and We (True Israel ie children of God) will be living in it. That is the final future prophecy for Israel and it very well may be built in the same earthly location as the one we have now.

  7. I came upon your website on a search of this topic of zionism and I am blown away by such knowledgeability on this as well as many other topics. I love the way you are perfectly balanced on these topics. I have gotten books by anti-zionists such as Victor Thorn who blame everything on zionists. I have studied about the past and present to know that there is plenty of evil to go around and is not all just one group. I also see that you are aware of the “Fellowship” which also goes under the title of the “Family” as well. In fact I just recently ordered a book about them but haven’t yet got it. They are more secretive than Skull & Bones. God has opened my eyes to so much. You see, in my past I had been into all this crap at some point, a political rightwing nut. But I have been gradually changing and seeing that nearly everything I was taught and believed in was a lie. In fact now they are so predictable. The whole church system is a lie and what passes for most so called christian churches are really the Synagogue of Satan. You probably know as well as I that the protestants are as false as catholics. I know all about the horrors of the dark ages, the worst time in history that makes the nazi holocaust mild by comparison. But I have also found out that protestant reformers, which is an oxymoron in itself when you think about it, were just as bad such as John Calvin who was known as the “Evil Theologian,” who tortured and killed those who disagreed with him. And of course Martin Luther was a fraud who even denounced some of the books in the new testament, including Revelation, which as you know speaks a curse to any who deny it. All these religious hypocrites pretend to revere and obey the ten commandments when all along they break nearly all of them. There are two commandments that stick out, both the 4th and the 6th. Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 that not the least stroke of the pen would change from the law. When you read the 4th commandment it is clear that the holy sabbath is the last day of the week, not the first. Sunday observance didn’t exist until Constantine and the catholic church changed it. Well Daniel 7:25 says that he’ll think to change the times and laws of God. And of course the 6th is obvious, which is also backed up by 2 Corinthians 10:3 which clearly states that we don’t war as the world does. I have been finding out that all our wars have been based on lies. By that I am not just refering to our recent wars but wars going far back. I got a book called “War Is A Racket” by Smedley Butler, who was a highly decorated marine back around WW1 and even before. He found out the hard way what it was all about. But all the religious right are nothing but warmongers. It is like every day I see scripture unfolding before my eyes about those who love lies and delight in wickedness. Truth is that everyone I know love lies and hate the truth. Even with all evidence and proof to back up the truth they refuse even mere common sense. These are the ones that God will give over to the strong delusion. Sorry for going long like this because I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here. But all this is just the tip of the iceburg with me. I can go on forever with this stuff. I understand Jesus when he said the truth shall set you free, being set free from all the lies. I used to get sucked into the zionist lies, but even scripture proves the folly of such rationalizations. We are under a new covenant and theocracy was done away with. Jesus made that clear in Matthew 20:25-28. 1 Peter 2:9 tells us that we are the chosen people (the true remnant). Even though I don’t believe in our two party sham system I do admit that I lean a bit to the left now. Even though I know abortion is wrong the right only use that out of false pretenses. In fact they have proven to be phonies despite all their rhetoric because their actions don’t match their words. Back when I was involved in a rightwing ministry and got emails from them regularly they managed to slip up. They even admitted their confusion over the Title X issue, but then after that I never heard them ever mention it again. And all these so called pro-life republicans refused to support Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life bill which would have done away with abortion. They are just grandstanding self righteous Pharisees wanting to be seen of men. They don’t really care any more for the unborn than they do the born. In fact many of them are being exposed for supporting rape. It is obvious that true christians will not and can not be in places of power. Jesus proved it when he was tempted by Satan who offered him the kingdoms of the world if he would bow to him. Jesus didn’t deny his claim. I believe you have to sell your soul to Satan to be in power. It has come out that the Bohemian Grove is predominantly republican, where they have the homosexual orgies and worship Moloch. It is the religious right that are the most evil, diabolical, and blasphemous. The hottest fires of hell are reserved for them. Heathens sin in ignorance but these imposters know what they do. As you know many of them are 33rd degree masons. They are tied to kooky cults like that of Reverend Moon. They are involved in everything evil imagineable and beyond.

  8. Hi, Adam. I have checked out pretty much the entire site and read most of your stuff. I am impressed that you are doing this. Not many people know about your subjects, particularly on the State of Israel. It is the Rothschild family of Europe that birthed the State of Israel. Rockefeller was only an agent that they used to help the plan, but the main architect of the whole thing is the Rothschild family itself. You might say that Israel is a Rothschild baby or Rothschild creation. You should check out the occultic symbols on the Supreme Court and Knesset. Anyway, keep up the good work. Only be careful about details. These are very smart people who have spent generations putting all of this together, and remember that the true architect is Satan himself, and that he is alot smarter than we are. So be very careful to double-check for accuracy. The rabbit hole always goes deeper.

  9. What I want to know is WHY do you have the Legend of Zelda Triforce on there? it has nothing to do with this & belongs to a video game. All of its elements are in there as well. You need to remove it as it has nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity & proves NO point in this.

    • The Triforce is not from the Legend of Zelda, it was taken from the occult world and put in a video game. Occult images, magic and stories are heavily included in video games today. The occult believe this brings them power. If you look at the image of the Triforce you will see it is the 6 pointed star, same as the star of david, that is why I included it.

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