Well it’s been about 36 hours since I posted my first blog post. It has gotten almost 200 views and I have gotten positive feedback from people all around the world. It seems some people are glad that I am speaking up.  Others however, are not. Yesterday I got ex-communicated from my church in a facebook comment if you can believe it! Not even a text message or phone call never mind a face to face dismissal.  It is very upsetting, but sometimes the truth will offend but still I will go forward.  When you really start stepping out in truth that you know, most often people are not going to like you can expect opposition and persecution.

It’s very hard for people to accept truth when it conflicts with what they believe to be true.

I was told, when I presented this to my church, that they would not listen to me and they stand by this lady 100%.  Someone actually said that unless God gives me a dream or a vision I will not listen.  I don’t think they even read the whole article if any at all.  I am using the written word of God to judge Kat Ker and what the leadership has told me (in that church), is that they don’t go to word of God to find the truth anymore – but instead they look for visions and dreams.  They will listen to prophets even if they contradict the word of God.

It really hurts to see that they would rather support someone outside the flock that comes by once in a while  – with wild un-biblical claims I might add – rather than someone from within their own flock – raising legitimate concerns with scripture.

I sent this also to Kat Kerr, and instead of explaining or even defending herself she used a very common technique to deflect the allegations.  She deflected the whole argument by saying,  “it’s ok that I don’t believe her”, “I have to do God’s will” and “I’m not judging you God will do that”.  I wish I had saved the message but now I am blocked from her facebook.  It appears she is afraid I might get through to some people.  If she has nothing to hide why block me?  She is on facebook so I encourage everyone who reads this and believes it to be true to  re-post post my article and if you’re bold enough – post it on her page.

I have tried to reach Kat prior to this personally she did not listen, I have taken it before the church  and now I will request a meeting in person according to (Matthew 18:15-17).  I will see what kind of response I will get.

I am going to leave this post with this:

One of the most often quoted scriptures is “Judge not, lest ye be judged” (Matthew 7:1 KJV). Taken out of context, the verse has been used to incorrectly justify never taking a stand on anything that would require a judgment to be made. Rather, the verse is referring to hypocritical, self-righteous, unfair kinds of judgment, especially where the confronter is guilty of the same sin as the one being confronted.

We should stand up for the truth and not let people falsely hide behind this verse and escape accountability.

32 thoughts on “Reactions

  1. Thank you so much, Ken! I appreciate your article and the fact that we should seriously think about what we are receiving within the church.Thank you for taking the time to write out in detail your observations and link them with the Word of God.

  2. Hello Ken,

    I am a prophetic person myself and been a Spirit filled Christian for over four decades. I am very open to the Holy Spirit and would be ready to do anything He would ask me to do because He would NEVER lead me astray. For some time now, I have heard of Kat Kerr and taken time to listen to her messages on Youtube. I believe that God gives wisdom to whoever asks for it and I have to say that from day one, I have never had any witness in my spirit that this woman was for real. What I fear is that a great part of the Body of Christ has become so gullible that they are ready to accept just about anything without testing and comparing these supposed prophets’s allegations with the word of God. I would not be surprised that KK has realized that she could have a ministry and be well supported financially if she was past extravagant with an incredible message… And that’s what she does. Since nothing can be proven, anything can be said about heaven, God and His blue eyes (honestly!!!), creation, angels, spirits and hell, the roller coasters and the throne room. Amazingly enough, anyone who has truly encountered the true God is rather awestruck, shaking, trembling and “afraid”, in any case NEVER casual, treating God almighty like a buddy. In “The Knowledge of the Holy”, A. W. Tozer speaks about these Christians “who speak to the Man upstairs” as shocking at best. How human creatures can ever be casual with God Almighty? Intimate, passionate, yes, casual never.

    I like the fact that you are not aggressive, mean spirited and bashing and that you simply expose the true facts. I personally wrote to Patricia King after 9/11 telling her that I thought that this terrible event was a judgment against America and a wake up call for Christians to pray and intercede. She rebuked me very firmly telling me that I was too judgmental. I have taken the time to read your blog and seen that KK and PK are friends. That’s a confirmation to me because I have great doubts about both. I am not saying that these women are dangerous, they are simply out of hand and basically unbiblical. I wouldn’t call them wolves in sheep’s clothing because it is seems obvious that they don’t want to consciously harm people, yet where does start spiritual abuse? It is great to be an encourager – it is my primary gift – but not at any cost. Liars and deceivers will be very severely judged in the end. The most important mystery is certainly not to go to heaven as often as you shower, but to have a passionate, radical, intimate relationship with the One who has promised to lead us in all truth.

  3. Hi Ken, I myself am a Prophet of God, have been for going on 30 years, and i have to say your article on Kat Kerr is one of the most well written, well thought out articles I’ve read in awhile….your spiritual insight is sound and your heart seems to be in the right place…very thorough….many false prophets (and prophetess’s) abound today one reason is so many are so shallow spiritually they are unable to exercise true discernment….itching ears and all that….you aren’t bashing or trashing but speaking the truth in love….keep those blogs coming brother…..

  4. Keep it simply. The most important for everyone is to develope a relationship with god and communicate with him. We are not to judge one another. Kat has a relationship with God and loves him. As brothers and sisters we are to love one another and not bring about confusion in one’s belief. We all believe in one God and so we should be a blessing and share our love of the father. No woman or man is perfect but if she loves God and wants to share his love there is nothing wrong here. People limit God and bring fear to what to believe in. The heavenly father does greif because we don’t trust him enough to believe. We all need to work on our own heart and relationship with him.

  5. Thank you! My friend who is a mighty woman of God & lover of Israel been there 12-14 times. She recently went to her conference where Kat spoke at a church! Now she talks & talks about her her even sent me a video to watch!
    I watched it & kept thinking no body goes back & forth to heaven! That’s crazy! Now I am deeply concerned for my friend because she spends more time in Gods word than any one I know!
    Thank you again!
    Blessings in Jesus name!

    • Glory to God! I am just a stroke patient in a hospital. I cannot go to any conference where Kat speaks. But I read her books. Her stories are wild. Her testimonies are mostly not in the Bible. But they are not against the Bible, either. She is a fresh shock to me. Basically what she says is that heaven is a wonderful place for faithful Christians. I do not always agree to what she says. As the Bible says, we do not know about when Jesus will come again. We may find out the season of the end time through the signs. But many people have misinterpreted that the disasters in their time are the signs of the end time. We always have to keep watching and praying. I wonder, however, why you think that it is crazy to go back & forth to heaven? I respect your friend and The Reverend President Kat Kerr. They seem to be false to some people not necessarily because they are wrong but because they do not fit in their boxes. Within the limit of our knowledge and experience, we all including me are imperfect and may be prejudiced. Nevertheless please do not hurry up to claim that Kat Kerr’s stories are not biblical. I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I also think that all human experiences are to be evaluated by the criterion, the Bible. The Bible is a closed canon. We cannot add to or subtract from the Bible. But we cannot close the providence of God who is still working now and here, too. Creatures cannot detain God the Creator in a box. Please do not judge your friend by your experience or rationality. Your frame of reference to interpret the Bible and your theology may be narrow-minded and biased. People usually construct their theology with pre-understanding. Many people interpret the Bible and something in the world not necessarily as they are in the process of their perception, organization, and interpretation. Jesus’ love!

    • Dear Angela Farrell! You are blessed to have a friend who is full of the Holy Spirit and who loves the Word of God. Jesus’ love! Sincerely Yours, from Sang Chun

    • Glory to God! Why do some people think that it is not scriptural to see God’s face? Don’t they read the biblical passage, “Blessed are the pure in hearts, for they will see God.” in Matthew 5:8? Only when we read part of the Bible in the light of the whole text in the whole context with literary genre and historical background, we can make less mistakes. We are all feeble and imperfect creatures. Only God is perfect, almighty, and omniscient. Jesus prepares a great place for faithful Christians. But Christians have been divided due to jealousy, power struggle, cultural difference, and different interpretations about the Bible. If we go to heaven by God’s grace in Jesus Christ, we may see faithful people from many denominational and theological backgrounds. Heaven and heavenly rewards are for mature Christians who know and practice how to love. We go to heaven not because of a denomination or a school of theology but because of the precious blood of Jesus. Jesus’ love!

  6. I was just looking for sermons to watch online and I came across one of hers. Within the first two minutes I felt something was off. She said that the Angels think we are strange looking??? Are we not created in the image of God? somethjng about this women makes my spirit very uneasy.

  7. With Mrs. Kerr all you have to do is wait & see if any of the things she says happens. Has God poured out His Spirit of fire upon all fresh yet? Have we had a huge world wide harvest? If you get tired of waiting, make it happen. If you think God’s not going to.A big move of God takes some time ( many trips to heaven) How to prepare & look for it to happen..God always announces his moves & chooses who He wants to proclaim them. I know Pastors feel they have given a lot of time & of their lives, why then choose her. She was seeking God everyday & night to used as a vessel ( she choose not what it would be). Everyone has their place, their calling. All you have do is do what you were called to do to the best of your ability.I can see clearly why He asked her, she will get the Message out there. She wanted be like Heavenly Father & Father on earth. Do you remember what Jesus to the disciples about a group of people acting like they were the disciples. He said ” Let them alone, let them be.You don’t her going to your city, maybe God will delay the honor to be involved in His Triumphant Move against The the darkness of this world & bring Heaven down to us. Stand against them yourself in the Spirit world that is. She would only pray for you, & I will try to. I am really only telling God I want to receive this & enter in for His long awaited Glory!! If we would ever join together in agreement, nothing, nothing could stop us. Come Lord Jesus show how big You are, through us. Amen J.W. P.S Open their to see.

    • She did say many years ago that there would be a world wide revival where it would be popular to be a Christian and that angels would be making television appearances. When I spoke to her on the phone she assured me it would happen within 5 years and that was over 5 years ago. I have to say the exact opposite is happening to what she says.

  8. As Christians (BLOOD BOUGHT BELIEVERS) we need to live a relationship with God, loving Him and loving our Neighbour. Our teaching needs to be Bible Based and not influenced by man’s (or woman’s ) fantasy. The devil we are taught is a liar and a deceiver, and uses his own kind to influence and confuse others on there walk with the Father.
    if the Bible don’t say it, do not believe it. Do not be swayed like a bobbing boat. Stay ONLY with the the teaching of the Word which is God inspired and let those story tellers continue their fables and story telling for the people who want to impress others in church who go once a week to have their ears tickled.
    Anyone who has so little respect for God will need to face Him and will taste His wrath. We pray for you and ask that the Grace of God will overcome your pride and misleading spirit which is currently controlled by the evil one.
    God TV and Wendy, what are you thinking …?
    God Blesses His own.

  9. I had to doubt someone’s story: but I do doubt, I heard her on God tv, she said the Lord told her to put pink highlights in her hair, she said dogs have spirits, maybe I which they did, She said the Lord came to teach her how to have FUN and in heaven she saw the gentlemen that played Superman here on earth was now in heaven teaching others how to fly, come now this is really very hard to believe.

    • The thing that gets me is the fact that she has said she saw men which Are 33 degree free masons being taken up to heaven in a Chariot. Like Oral Roberts. When we know they worship lucifer.

  10. Hello out there,
    Ken, a lot of your arguments seem valid on the surface, but the Bible contains much more than any one of us can fully comprehend, and so it is also when God is manifesting prophecy or revelation through people.
    God taught me to WAIT before I start bashing people due to a prophecy or revelation that didn’t seem to make sense at first, because I also have prophetic words that at first, didn’t even make since to me! I learned however to wait and see, before I conclude that it was wrong, and then usually I would see exactly what God was saying, but it was different than my brain perceived it at first.
    SEEING GOD’S FACE – When you’re caught up to Heaven, you’re in the spirit often and in the state of a born again spirit, and if that person HAD DEVELOPED A TRUE RELATIONSHIP WITH our amazing Father, through Jesus, than it is possible to see the Father in Heaven in the spirit form, since now Jesus redeemed us and has made us “partakers of the divine nature”. So, IF someone has got to KNOW the Father here, and in their redeemed, born again, spirit, which had been infused with God’s Divine nature, (literally the nature of the Godhead), then if prepared so, a person can see the Father while in spirit form in Heaven. Mere, un-redeemed people, or even many freshly mined Christians would NOT be able to endure seeing God’s face.
    My brother, there’s a lot we don’t know yet. I found that the MORE I get to KNOW JESUS, that there’s so much MORE to KNOW of Him! I’ve met JESUS face to face and in doing so He made me able to understand many more scriptures that I didn’t even notice before in the Bible!
    About Kat, I can perceive that she has had a similar experience that her spirits eyes have been opened and she talks of her relationship with JESUS that only one who really KNOWS Him can express.
    Well, I hope this encourages you to seek HIS FACE…..and maybe after seeking GOD’S FACE, that you too can FIND and have a glimpse!

    • It’s better to know God above all things. But not everyone who has a story is legit and we don’t have to believe everyone who claims this and that. Kat has been caught in contradictions what can I say. Someone is right. Someone is wrong. I wanted to believe her but she directly has contradicted truth.

      • the thing I was trying to get across was that sometime things look one way, but the more you wait pray about it, often times a contradiction can end up making sense because you find out later it was not a contradiction, but maybe more like in addition to something, or maybe from a slightly different point of view

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