Is Kat Kerr a False Prophet?

This is my first official post. I did not intend this to be the topic of the first post but it just happened to be the most relevant because this lady is coming to Toronto this weekend.

**** This post I have edited from the original since it has gotten much attention I have added to it to reflect the input from the readers.  Please do not add comments that have already been addressed.

Kat Ker, can we believe her?

            A few years ago there was a women that came by my church claiming that she has been to heaven, and that God takes her to heaven all the time. I am open to anything and will not write someone off just because their claims are way out there. I know that God has taken people to heaven in the past. As with everything I will give people the benefit of the doubt until they violate some sort of truth that I know from God’s written word or the truth from FACTS that I have already uncovered about a certain subject.

We as the body of Christ should not just take someone’s word for it, but test all things (1 John 4:1). On top of that the bible commands us to be discerning and JUDGE the people in the Church.(1 Corinthians 5:11-13) Yes I did say Judge, there are allot of people today that say when you try to point out any error in leadership “you are judging and we as Christians are not supposed to judge but act in Love”. That is a twisting of scripture that they try to hide behind because they don’t want have to have any accountability.

People write me and tell me that I have no right to say anything against Kat that I shouldn’t touch God’s anointed, that I am siding with satan the accuser. I tell you straight up that is brainwashed tactics from the emergent church, you are only saying that because you heard that from some preacher or read it in some book.  Not only does that not make sense it’s twisting the scripture. This lingo is put out there so you will not question what the leaders are doing, they use it as a scape goat.

Kat says that she has visited heaven, not just once but she goes back and forth and a regular basis. She tells her stories of the tours of heaven she has been taken on and then she comes back with messages from God to the Church. She has written a book called revealing heaven and also has this website below.

Are her claims true? Does her story add up? Let’s take a look at some of the things she is saying.

Let’s examine some of her claims.

1. Frequent visits to heaven:  Kat claims to go to heaven all the time, almost like she has a season’s pass to the throne room. We know that God has taken people to heaven before but out of all the stories in the bible and all the modern day stories there has never been a person that has gone as frequently as Kat.

2. Her picture of heaven: Kat paints heaven like a mystical Disney land with roller coasters, movie theaters and even a place to see what you look like with other skin colors. I’m sure heaven is filled with many amazing things, but the far out claims that Kat makes about heaven are not found in the bible and no one else that has been to heaven testifies to the things she is saying.

3. She looks directly into God’s face: Kat claims to go in and out of the throne room and sit on God’s lap. She says she sees his locks of hair and even looks into his eyes, she say his eyes are blue. This claim actually is a direct contradiction to scripture :

John 1:18

No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known. 

(some people said that this scripture is not good enough for my point, that there is evidence that we can see his face. True that there are future promises to see God’s face  in heaven, but there are no accounts that I know of in the bible of people looking into God’s deep blue eyes, and if there were they would not be talking so casually about it like Kat. If you find any scripture stating that someone has seen God’s face and looked into his eyes in the past, please post it and I will edit this posting.)

Exodus 33 

19 The LORD replied, “I will make all my goodness pass before you, and I will call out my name, `the LORD,’ to you. I will show kindness to anyone I choose, and I will show mercy to anyone I choose. 

20 But you may not look directly at my face, for no one may see me and live.” 

Hmmm the bible says here that no one can see God’s face and keep living??? 

If you read your bible the people who have been in the throne room and seen God do not describe any of his features. In fact they describe a much different scene that Kat. Kat makes the throne room seem like a playground. She says there are multiple throne rooms. Everyone from the bible and even modern day people have described encounters with God in the throne room as fearful, awestruck and trembling.

4. A golden age of Christianity:  This is Kat’s main message that from 2010 to 2025 there will be a golden age on the earth for Christians. She states that heaven will invade earth and God’s glory will completely cover the earth for a season that this is his time to show people heaven. Great wealth and leadership will be given over to Christians all over the earth. She says that it is going to be very popular to be a Christian at this time, and that angels will be making television appearances. This is where I really started to question Kat. This message does not line up with the Factual truth I know is going on in the world and it does not line up with the word of God. In fact it is a complete contradiction to what Jesus said:

Matthew 24 

24  And Jesus went out from the temple, and was going on his way; and his disciples came to him to show him the buildings of the temple. 

2 But he answered and said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. 

3 And as he sat on the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? 

4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man lead you astray. 

5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am the Christ; and shall lead many astray. 

6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that ye be not troubled: for these things must needs come to pass; but the end is not yet. 

7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and earthquakes in divers places. 

8 But all these things are the beginning of travail. 

9 Then shall they deliver you up unto tribulation, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all the nations for my name’s sake. 

10 And then shall many stumble, and shall deliver up one another, and shall hate one another.

11 And many false prophets shall arise, and shall lead many astray. 

12 And because iniquity shall be multiplied, the love of the many shall wax cold. 

13 But he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved. 

14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a testimony unto all the nations; and then shall the end come.

At what point in this scripture does it say God’s glory is going to fill the earth? If you haven’t noticed we are currently between vs 7-9. There is no golden age between vs 9 and vs 14.  Search the scriptures yourself and tell me if this is not a lie! The truth is that the world will grow more wicked, Christians will be persecuted and the devil will set up his kingdom here on earth (rev 13). After that God will judge the earth with fire (2 Peter 3:7), God’s glory will not consume the earth until the new heaven and new earth is made. (2 Peter 3:12-14)

Kat’s prophecy is also a direct contradiction to the Facts that I know to be true about the world today. For her prophecy to come true Christians would have to take over the entire anti-christ system put in place. The day and the hour is late and the devil is setting up his kingdom through a one world government. He is doing this through the New World Order and the secret societies. If you are not up to speed on these things you need to do some research to see how the world really operates.  If you are about to throw this argument out on the basis of a worldwide conspiracy you better listen to this next piece.

I phoned Kat Kerr personally to talk about these contradictions, she stated herself that she KNOWS about the New World Order and the Illuminati! So if you are about to stop listening to me because I believe in conspiracy well than you need to stop listening to Kat too because she told me she believes in it too.  She proceeded to tell me that God was going to do something really amazing in the white house in the summer of 2010 to change the situation. Even though she admitted to knowing about the conspiracy herself and continues to make predictions of this false golden age coming.

Well guess what 2010 came and went and her prophesies were false. I contacted her about this false prophecy and she refused to answer why her prediction was false and then put it back on me saying I need to believe God and in his timing not my own those things she predicted would come true. She I guess forgot that she gave a specific date.

So if she is constantly going to heaven and communing with God why would she give a false prophecy? Why does her view contradict the bible and other prophetic messages today? The true message to the church is not get ready for the glory, but rather repent get your hearts right and get ready for persecution and judgment. The church in North America is in a horrible sin state, do you think God is going to send his glory?

Check out these prophecies by David Wilkerson, his prophecies have been tried and tested for decades. His message is the opposite of Kats.

5. Mitt Romney is God’s Choice for 2012: Kat claims God told her that he wants everyone to vote for Romney. Yes she actually says he is God’s choice and that Romney stands for Justice, Truth and Life.

Just watching this video to me makes this women very un credible, declaring that she is heaven’s revelator with some dude standing in the background with his arms crossed.

This is a big problem when someone that claims to go to heaven all the time is getting involved with worldly politics to the degree that she is telling people who to vote for. This is public manipulation to persuade public opinion. She says she knows about the New World Order and does not tell people the truth that no matter who they vote for things will not change! The government as in most nations is a puppet government controlled by a shadowy elite.

You may not believe that, but that is the truth. Even if you don’t believe that, can you believe that Mitt Romney is a Mormon?  Mormonism is a cult and at that it is a Satanic cult. How can she really think God wants you to vote for someone who belongs to a satanic cult. Really there is no choice, a Muslim (really I think he is a Universalist) or a Satanist. Mormons want to create a worldwide theocracy where Jesus Christ will come back to rule. This leads me to my next point.

6. Dominionism.  All of Kat’s messages fall within the scope of one particular ideology. Dominionism. This is a huge topic which I will not cover now, but in another post. Dominionists believe that Christians will take over the earth and rule. Only then will Jesus come back. Most people that preach this “soft sell it” so they will not come right out and say it, but it is what they think. This movement is growing like rapid fire in the church. This is frightening since the next person to take the worlds stage and rule the whole earth will be the Anti-Christ! Could this be the reason that she wants you to vote for Mitt Romney? This whole situation can take pages to explain, which is why I have written 80 pages on the subject in another report.  Click here to read what Dominionism is all about:

7. Doctrine of Pre- Existence:  Kat states that she sees little orbs that are spirits before they are born circling around the throne asking to be sent down to the earth. Not only is this not biblical it is also a New Age teaching. Some people have stated that there is nothing wrong with this. This idea in itself is neither wrong or write because we just don’t know. BUT it is NOT in the Bible and this idea is closer to new age thinking.

8. Focus on Heaven & Glory: Kat says that the forward to her book was written by scribe angels. That with her introduction talks all about heaven invading earth and the glory coming. She states that God is eager to give earth his greatest gift Heaven. There is no mention of Jesus here all the focus is on heaven. This is not right, everything is about Jesus and every message from God in the past was to reveal Jesus NOT heaven. She is taking focus off of his written word and his living word Jesus.  Read the intro, does it really sound like scribe angels??? Wake up people!!

Those are a few of the core problems with Kat’s Claims, there are also some other things that I will just mention.  Remember this lady claims to go to heaven on a regular basis, so we should see some pretty amazing stuff from her.

1. She has numerous contradictions to her stories, she will say one thing one time when she describes her experiences and then something different the next. One example is how time moves when you are in heaven, one moment she says 1 day in heaven is many days on earth and then says 1 day on earth is like many days in heaven. I’m not the only one that has a disagreement with Kat. Robert Alan King was so offended by her, he took the time to cross reference everything she said. He wrote a book written that has a chapter on her contradictions:

A Christian Rebuttal to Kat Kerr’s Revealing Heaven An Eyewitness Account I and II

I have also heard her in video interviews contradict her stories of how she first got taken to heaven.  I don’t have time to cross reference all she says, so if you find something post it in the comments.

2. She holds up giant fake gemstones in her meetings and talks about how God is dropping real ones?? If she really goes to heaven so much wouldn’t she stop in the gift store and get a real one as evidence??

3. For her mandate of getting this message out to everyone her books and dvd’s are grossly overpriced. For poorly made dvd’s and books she is charging over $20 a piece! Someone told me her prices have dropped by when she came to my church a few years ago that’s what she was charging.

4. She says she has seen someone who I know is a 33rd degree free mason taken to heaven in a Chariot.  Satan worshipers go to heaven too? And recently  she claims Whitney Housten is in Heaven? Is that true?  Who knows if Whitney repented on her death bead.

Kat Ker says Micheal Jackson is in heaven?? Well this testimony unlike Kat’s shook me to the core of my spirit: 23hrs dead Angelica Zambrano, she went to Heaven and Hell and claims she saw Micheal Jackson in Hell.  So who is lying? This girl or Kat?

5. She states on the Patricia King show that the 12 elders before the throne are ancient beings not human, not angel but something else? …Aliens perhaps?


I could continue with many more pages but I think I have highlighted the most important. Has Kat really been to heaven? Does she really speak the words of God?

1. Contradicts written scripture

2. Gives false prophecies

3. Promotes Dominionism

4. Promotes New Age Doctrine

5. Says outlandish things about heaven that don’t line up with anything else

6. Contradicts herself

7. Encourages people to vote for a Mormon

8. Holds up fake gemstones in her meetings

9. Charges way too much money for her stuff.

We need to beware of false prophets. Kat may say lots of nice things that make us feel good, she may even say Jesus is Lord, but the truth is that she is deceived about many things. We must stay grounded in the word of God and keep our minds focused on God’s essential truths. I do not know for what reason she is lying, she needs to repent of what she is doing so that she will not be judged by God on the day of the Lord. It is possible she believes what she is doing, her experience of first going to heaven was in a church where she was on the ground shaking for many hours in a trance.  Sometimes God can do that, but also this is very characteristic of the counterfeit spirit in the third wave church.

Some people comment that I need to let God out of the box, that my mind can’t accept Kat’s experience because I’m too religious. If you only knew the truth about me. None of  you know me or have met me, so who are you to judge me? you are going on nothing.  I believe other’s have gone to heaven, I believe in miracles, speaking in tongues, prophecy and have been a part of the Third Wave for 4+ years. My ministry is throwing parties in nightclubs in order to win the lost. How is that for getting God out of the box!  So before you post a comment on my blog telling me off you better go do your homework. People read my blog and read Kat’s book or watch one video and think they know it all.  I urge my readers to get the big picture, read my series on the Church, and read this whole post instead of knit picking at little parts. Normally I would never bother with someone like Kat she is a small player on the scene, but since she invaded my personal space by deceiving my church I will make the truth known about her.

Here is a link of somebody with a relevant word for the church today:

Ken Peters

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  1. 8 e-mails in one day from Deception Free! Don ‘t you have jobs?! I do. Okay Y’all I’m rollin’ up ma sleeves, and takin’ off ma earrings, Momma’ s gonna give this foolishness, a firm talking to. Do I perceive snarky, interdenominational sibling rivalry,amongst those who are supposed to brothers? Evangelicals, Charismatic, Liturgical-Traditionalists all have different views on topics, such as prophesy, healings,and whether God still does them, forms of communion, whether you dunk or sprinkle baptism, whether the Holy Ghost brought about new movements, which often seem to deal with the inadequacies of the last status quo, (and those of the last movement find reason to rail against the New, often stopping just short of an all out crusade,). Our Father is amazingly efficient. He set up the Eco-sphere, every species in nature, to interdepend upon each other.Why would Christ not expect, one who has a teaching, one who has a word of wisdom, another a gift of healing ect.not get along as a BODY of Christ. Guess what, we each, as a group, “know in part”.No one sect, movement or denomination has a monopoly on God .He has not provided us with “handle” on Himself which gives any “chosen” group of believers n exclusive grasp of His truths, We NEED each other.No body part casts another away and stays whole. This has gone far beyond Kat Kerr. Satan uses our decisiveness and theological malice toward each other, it’s like burning incense to the enemy who loves fire.This blog has gotten to be an expose’ of our own bias, and sin. The world should know we are Christians by our love. It’s about us. And some of us act like we’re more interested in defending our theology to death,(which is not same as dying for your faith,) than behaving toward each other, as if you ‘d like to go to that heaven that salvation promises. To Jesus,you are each His love made you precious enough to die for,why can’t you be precious, to each other on the way to discovering what heaven is really like. And together we might just check out being awesomely overcome in” Revelation Worship” of Him. And maybe we’ll even get a chance to check out those singing flowers, and Roller Coasters for Holy Rollers. HIS PEACE, KIDS! Love,Patti

    • What i know is God Is LOVE , SLOW TO ANGER. seems satan has the bodie of christ at each other.. just walk your walk with the lord and let GOD be GOD.. i lost 2 people i loved in 7 months I prayed God if you are going to allow this show me your kindom where are they he has many ways and i was at such peace with it .. God TAKES DEATH AND SUFFERING AND LOSS TO GET CLOSER TO HIM …

      • what i want to get across is God CAN use people like her Kat, to express what heaven is like and i know that God Will use people doctrines and churches how he chooses and like in the book of revelations the 7 churches Jesus will come and if he comes to your church what are you teaching,, all die go to hell, all die go to heaven? dont wear this wear that, you are to be poor not rich, come on God is not God of confusion, he wants LIVING VESSELS here to lead people to the love of the LORD Jesus. AND TO TEACH OF HIS KINGDOM. if you are truly holy ghost filled you have the KINGDOM inside of you.. The spirit of God father son holy ghost will lead and convict , teach, comfort. hey people hate Joyce Meyers…A ND SHE HELPS AND LEADS OTHERS TO CHRIST, SEEMS THAT IF SOMEONE IS DOING GOOD THEY ARE ATTACKED.. hmm sounds like Satan… i have said it b4 the world is looking at us so be the light God GIVES YOU…………..

  2. LOL !!! Oh man just listen to the devil talking, David I actually feel sorry for you, if you are so knowledgeable you must know that God hates pride?? , that He uses the foolishness of this world to exalt Himself??, every time I read one of your comments its just some poor guy prancing around flaunting his so called “knowledege” but this comment of all of your assinine and inane other prating really takes the cake, it is utterly vulgar, & devoid of all modesty, not even an iota, an inkling of class anywhere to be found. Do you think that because you are on a christian blog that no one is going take a stand and tell you the truth to your face? This idea that christians have to shut up and take it is a load of BS, Paul struck a man blind and 2 people dropped dead because they were misbehaving, dont get so cocky and mocking, calling me the house excorcist, I know a demonic spirit when I see one, and you have one on you, I am saying this out of love because if you dont deal with it and really humble yourself in front of God and others you are heading for eternal damnation. I would never ever say all this under any circumstances but just so that you get an illustration let me tell you something, I am an ex woman of the world, an ex top model, ex married to a multi millionaire and an ex world famous fashion designer, my daughter is a top socialite and her father is a famous fashion photographer, my father is a famous psychiatrist in Sweden, my Grandfather was a Lord and my great Grand mother Lady in waiting to the Queen, my whole life I was only surrounded by the creme de la creme of the jet set, I am the God Mother of Ellen von Unwerths daughter, I can go on and on but I am boring myself, just google my name, so your salary is a piffling little puff of steam as far as I ma concerned, and your degrees are of no weight to me, HOWEVER I have turned my back on the world and gotten down on my knees in front of God Almighty , I prefer a simple uneducated pauper any day to a puffed up “knowledgable” fool with a bit of cash that he flaunts like an obscenity, I would never spend the time of day bothering with a piffling idiot like yourself but your arrogant & insulting comments here are totally insupportable. You talk down to people as if you were something special, but God is no respecter of persons Jesus said to the scribes and Pharisees you are of your father the devil, and I will say the same thing to you, because I am not a novice with emotional problems but an astute follower of Christ with DISCERNMENT

  3. Hello, I was interested in ur webpost about Katt Kerr. I know some of the things she says are out of ordinary from what we know from the word of God. But remember that Jesus was persecuted because of his teachings they were contradicting to the law of Moises. Let’s not be quick to judge someone, rather let’s live our lives the way Jesus intended by loving one another.

  4. Dude listen – you need to chill out.
    Adam is simply obeying God.
    You said you were done with this blog…so be done and move on.
    Perhaps you ought to seek the Lord in regards to YOUR calling in life instead of trolling around online.
    Only God can judge any of us and only God knows our hearts.
    I leave you with this though:
    Matthew 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

  5. This page has become a mess. Where is is the love of Christ? People are attacking each other with condescending, abusive, arrogant remarks and not one person has turned around and apologised for their behaviour. I don’t know what I’d think if I was an unbeliever who had just happened to stumble on this page for answers but it wouldn’t help lead me to Christ AT ALL. Particularly disappointing are most of the comments from Toate Ganago, Bridget Yorke, Gordon G and David. All of whom seem completely sure their views are irrefutable and are beyond learning or speaking graciously to others.

    Despite seeing quite valid arguments in the comments of the aforementioned and others it’s clear many just want to be right and will happily resort to sinning to do so. Meanwhile, Satan is laughing because he sees us acting in the flesh, destroying our love walk and getting into strife with one another which God hates. While it’s true Kat Kerr has many questionable and off-kilter teachings our zeal to expose shouldn’t supercede our love for one another.

    Adamandjewely (Admin): I understand you wish to educate the masses but I don’t believe this blog was started from a completely pure motive; if it was I don’t believe you’d have allowed it to degenerate into what it’s become, a bully’s boxing ring. Could it be that you’re still angry about your exclusion from your church and are willing to get yourself heard by any means necessary? Whatever the truth I feel it’s time to close this discussion and move on; it’s no longer glorifying God, just people’s opinions.

    If you need any advice about how to overcome spiritual abuse please contact me.

    Love Matthew

    • Hi Matthew..I agree we should be more loving and caring but we also must be aware of things that are out and out wrong and try and expose them for what they are.. I personally would love to think that , say, MJ was in heaven..but what she is doing is making heaven sound like earth…when it is not…I have even seen messages from people on her sites saying that they were glad all these things were there, because they would get bored just mean WOW …dear GOD forgive them..peace

      • Hi Jeffrey,

        Just quickly, God gave man creativity as an extension of His own power. This gives us both ease of life and enjoyment in it. Theme parks are of God and I believe such will be in Heaven. Pizzas don’t have to be unhealthy, ask Jordan Rubin!

        Also, God didn’t create us to JUST to stand at His throne crying “Holy!”. He gave us creative minds and a will to discover this Earth and bring Him glory in our endeavours. Many of these questionable revivals etc have been based around hyped-up worship services that eventually replace common sense with spiritual feelings that have no Biblical basis. In Heaven and the New Earth we will continue to discover the wonders of God’s creation and work for Him which will be so fulfilling. This will be worship, and our love for God will intensify the more we understand Him, His love and His works. If I stood in one place crying “Holy!” for eternity I’d be bored too! We are not the 4 creatures; we are made in God’s image to create and experience an unlimited amount of things for eternity.

        Twitter @MCharlerySmith

      • Look Matthew…KAT KERR is wrong..wrong on the creation of this world..that is enough to tell me she is deceived

      • the angels worship GOD continually …if i could go to church every day i would…forget theme parks…I want GOD and JESUS forever.. i want to stand before my maker and love him continually …he gave me life…i do not need rock concerts or pizza..or kat kerr books

    • Matthew: you are right – this thread especially (KatKerr) has gone off the deep end. We are extremely busy with other areas of our ministry and have not paid a lot of attention to the blog. We will be shutting down the comments to this thread.

      Thank you.


      • Hi Jewely, thanks for responding. I can understand this isn’t the only thread on this blog and you have other responsibilities with ministry. However, before you close this thread I really think it’s important to “Clean up” the mess of some the conversations which have been held by both immature and irresponsible people. In particular ones being held by Toate Ganago regarding the irreversible condemnation of divorcees and Gordon’s rhetoric slamming and judging every dead celebrity as now residing in Hell fire. This is irresponsible. There are people who have gone through such things and are in need of healing. Also, there are family members of these celebrities who are still grieving their loved ones and seeing posts such as, “I have it with completely assurity that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are in Hell.” is completely inappropriate. Such does not demonstrate compassion and promote your blog as the kind of place empty, hurting souls may be filled and made whole. I’ve already reprimanded these bloggers, but as Admin you really have a spiritual right and responsibility to keep things strife-free and weed-free; the health of new believers/unbelievers depends on it.

        God bless!

      • Mathew,
        Maybe you are divorced and remarried and you do want to make restitution, becasue that is how peoople who do not want to repent do, they dont want to hear the truth. And that is up to you. God can’t change his WORD for me or anyone else. Period!
        God Bless!

    • Hey Matthew:

      Bridget Yorke, the House Exorcist, is the head of our love of Christ department here on this web site but she is very busy casting devils out of me right now.

      Check back later and maybe after she gets a refill of her anti-demon psycho meds she can be of assistance to you?

      • David, I disagree with how Bridget has behaved. She’s obviously very confused and an immature believer struggling with many emotional issues. However, seeing your discourse on this blog has been very disappointing and things actually took a turn for the worse when you called a person a “novice” and told them to “be silent”. You then proceeded to tell someone to “shut up” and teased someone about possibly being a “witch”. Do you not feel any conviction for this?

      • I am neither immature nor struggling with any emotional issues, may I remind you that we do not fight flesh and blood but powers and principalities, David is causing disruption and insulting people, what is not of Christ is of the devil, I am in my rights as a christian to rebuke him in the name of Jesus. I actually see things in the spiritual and what David is doing here is of the devil, David its between you and Christ at the end of the day, I have not insulted anyone here, but you just parade around arrogantly using foul language and calling people satan worshippers and devils because they denounce Kat Kerr and prefer to stay anonymous, you have a filthy mouth which is an issue of your mind, I really havent got the time to waste on you any longer but I can assure you God will deal with you. Get humble.

    • I don’t know if Katt has ever gone to Heaven? Some of the things she says are not in the Bible per se. Calling an angel an alien probably isn’t the word I would use? My guess is I would lack the vocabulary to try to tell you what all I saw? She will remiain like many others who claim they went to Heaven of Hell. Controversial.

      I saw Rick Joyner on TV this week answer the issue of his being in the Knights of Malta. Now I am not a Joyner fan and have no motive to defend the guy but he claims they were a sect of men who stood on principle, have a brief history of them and he stated the Catholic Church tried to sue the group because the Catholic Church did not consider them a part of the denomination. I thought his explanation was note worthy. However, some of his teachings and associates are to be discerned.

      You come on this website huffin and puffin like Mr. Bible Answer Man himself.

      I seriously doubt you realize how foolish you are?

      Your pride reeks dude. Seriously!

      • I did not realize til now Adamandjewely run this site?

        The guy who actually thinks the world is 6,000 years old?

        The one who doesn’t understand there was a civilization here before us, thus God told Adam and Eve to “replenish” the Earth?


        My mistake. Trust me. There is likely a multi-billiona year gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

        I won’t be back.

        Trust me Adam…..or whoever you are? There was a reason you were asked ot leave your church

      • We see through a glass darkly we are not to presume to know things that are not explained in the bible, one day when we stand in front of God we will not be chastised for taking the bible literally, I dont discern the love of Christ in you nor do I discern any of the fruits of the Holy Spirit you can kick people out of a church but Jesus will kick you out of heaven, repent and be a peace maker or the Lord will smite you down

      • What is the distance between the eternally profound and the worldly inane? Answer: there is no distance – they reside one against the other – and the evidence is here.

        The Protocols, Kabaalah, Masonry, worldwide conspiracies that include a storyline of “culling the flock”… Georgia Guidestones and ancient temples revealing mysterious wisdoms and the “mathematics” of Creation, the Serpent of Genesis being declared quite clearly as “the most subtle…”, Blavatsky and Crowley, skull and bones… world government(s) beholden to ancient rites…


        “Conversation” dominated by celebrity sightings in Heaven and Hell, debating who will be sitting at His right hand and whom is condemned among our world of pop-stars and personalities who share zero realities with the majority of the world’s population, roller coasters in Heaven revealed by those who have entered the gates and apparently bought the bracelet for unlimited rides… declaring in a sentence or two the requisite confessions of the heart required to enter the gates of eternity with Him, unqualified damnation of Presidents, preachers, and entire religious traditions going back centuries and millennia… Didactic reductionism declaring the age of the entire Cosmos based on several sentences within the Bible, which clearly speaks to and describes among other things that which is beyond language and that which is essential to the eternal… a book of books, a word of The Word… addressing clearly a world which requires Revelation…

        I’m not sure how to tell shill and troll from sincere sojourner… But something is quite wrong when there is no distance between the “eternally profound” and the “worldly inane” – darkness is clearly at work when they significantly overlap. Maybe the subject of “deception” is as subtle as the one who authors it – he which the Bible declares as “more subtle than any beast of the field the Lord God had made…”

        Or… it is all quite obvious and found in Scriptures that can be literally used to answer every question without struggle – and the answer to “who is saved” between Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders is clear cut, worthy of our attention, and a template for judgment… On this, I’m waiting for an anointed word from those who’ve visited cartoon heaven…

      • Wow, Brilliant piece of writing, I could not be more in agreement, well said, the problem is the person you have addressed is completely incapable of percieving the wisdom in your words, how to qualify stupidity? Does it rhyme with cupidity ? or lack of humility? Dumbed down by demons because of spiritual sloth, in any case it was a pleasure to read your post, parfait de justesse…….

      • Your mistaken..the world is 6000 years old and you don’t understand the bible, misquoting as you did…replenish did not mean what you imply, as when it was translated it meant to fill..that is why the NKJV has “TO FILL..most other bible translations also have the means to fill OKAY!

      • Hey David this Adam, and this is my Blog. My Wife Jewely helps run it as well.

        Thank you for your interest in my blog, I can see you have taken the time to read some of my other articles and that I appreciate.

        It appears we have a different view on a number of things. It has taken me a lot of time and effort to put together this blog. I have done this because I believe in the truth and have a passion to uncover deception.

        I may not get everything single thing right but I am doing my best. I believe my blog contains some very good valuable information for believers. I would appreciate if you and the others commenting on my posts can please stay respectful of me and the others posting here.

        With Rick Joyner are you telling me that you took his word for it? Did You base your opinion about Joyner and his involvement with the Knights of Malta only from something you heard on TV from the Joyner Himself?

        Did you fully read that article I posted? Even if it is how he says which I don’t believe… what kind of person joins a society which ushers people in with Oaths, Rituals & Strange Robes in a Ceremony with Occultist Imagery beneath.

        So David since you are so smart and I am so foolish please tell me you have done a thorough investigation of the Knights of Malta to actually see if we should have no concern at all that this so called “Prophet of God” is part of this knight order?

      • Adam,

        I think your blog is great – and that your spirit in administering it is wonderful. It is so difficult to take such complex topics and try and synthesize and articulate a position while opening yourself up to the world of “critics” – particularly when the world of “critics” all have a Bible in one hand and the Constitution of the US in the other (or whatever other self-selected favorite document tends to help in the moment). And, as you have addressed – whether you have gotten every detail, or articulated every facet “correctly,” is not the point and only detracts from the very real and important “bigger picture” – namely that “we” are under attack from every side (including the “inside”) by an ancient force working it’s deception through the body with an eye to absolute control, power, and ultimately – worship. And to point: false prophets contribute to the difficulty in clearly and responsibly attempting to decipher this “end-game” of deception worked by that which is “most subtle.”

        And, it seems clear that the broader notions (Protocols, history and doctrine of Masonry, P2, OTO, Pike, M. P. Hall, the State of Israel and “Zionism” as founded by Herzl, etc…) you are presenting as “thesis” are not recognized by many blog readers. And of course, this is a part of the very premise of your blog: that a large portion of the body of the church, or Christ’s body, are unaware of dynamics that play a very large role in today’s global geopolitics, is and has been waging war within the church, plays a prominent role in today’s media, global banking and current global and local economic realities, is behind the military industrial complex, and has been explicitly identified with pride and prejudice as led by Lucifer… the list goes on. But fundamental to this argument, is that all of this is a complex web resulting in the foundation of Biblical “end times” and Daniels 70th week. (I hope I am not misrepresented you and I’m confident you will clarify if I have.)

        In this pursuit of being “deception free,” I think it is helpful to continue to point to resources and historical “realities” which help to paint this very complex picture. Today there are so many resources! But, I think of as example Flynn’s Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World, Monsignor Juouin’s Freemasonry and the Catholic Church… there are of course great warriors for Christ that have been engaging this battle from within every form of “wineskin,” new and old – we would do well to honor the great courage and sacrifice of these many warriors for Christ independent of the legalisms of our many doctrinal divisions. Who among us can defend the division of the reformation into 40,000 named “denominations” – name a single Catholic scholar that sees the Catholic Church as pure, faultless, and without need for God’s work in the world outside of the Catholic Church. Who will condemn Orthodoxy as an abomination and outside of the realm of God’s ability to live within and work throughout…?

        [pause… this is a trigger for a “reflexive avalanche,” or “reflective quiet” – cautionary note to those readily eager to weigh in with condemning judgement]

        Anyway, just a note of support in being at the middle of such a complex, important, and difficult discussion!

        I have been implicitly condemned to hell by some here – have been separated out (unknowingly) as being beyond the saving grace and mercy of God’s love – have been declared in casual notes passed on a blog to be beyond the redemptive power of Christ’s blood… How proud Jesus must be to have such servants to His body willing to wield His sword! It is hard to not look upon these pretenders with pity thinking that either He has relinquished it, or that they might have the ability to lift it…

        May I suggest J.B. Phillips classic work Your God Is Too Small… or Wills’ recent book What Jesus Meant?

        To seekers and skeptics: have no fear! Pretenders and foes, serpents, and the darkness cast by death itself, are no obstacle to God Almighty’s redemptive plan.

        Thanks again Adam (and Jewely) – what a challenging contribution to engage the conversation of “deception.” And, such a contrast to the very real and “on the ground” ministry of engaging the brokenness and suffering of what is modern day Haiti! May our Lord bless you powerfully in this work!

      • Adam:

        Check my conversation with you on Sept. 16th. It appears we have a very similar outlook on coming events. Did you check out any of those videos I mentioned? I thought Bill Hamon’s message to America was on.

        Ok, two issues you mention:

        1.) On the Earth being 6,000 years old? Well, it appears this is when Adam was created but not when our solar system was created. There was a previous civilization here before us. Unfortunately, the Bible does not spell it all out like we would like. However, the matter is too long for me to write up on this blog. If you want to believe this as truth go ahead. My guess is God has a visual for us to watch in Heaven of His creating the universe & Earth and such. Maybe not? The remains of former beings is on display in Museums and my information puts the Earth around 14.5 billion years. Take a few billion or less? It appears Lucifer was here on Earth before Adam. God has flooded the Earth twice. Once in the Lucifer rebellion (Gen.1:1-Gen.1:2) and Noah’s flood. What was Lucifer doing here? The Bible says he “defiled his sanctuaries”. Houses of worship. He rose above the clouds and into the North to Heaven to dethrone God. Big mistake. Lucifer got bounced and God started all over in Gen.1:2.

        2.) On Rick Joyner and the Knights of Malta. I defer you to my posts on Aug. 6-8. I admit I am not knowledgeable at all on Catholicism or the Knights of Malta. I only commented that last week I saw Rick Joyner on TV. I am not a fan of him or his flaky friends but I watched for bit and he began discussing his involvement with the Knights. He stated they were not a part of the Catholic Church. He went thru the history of the Knights and what they stood for in principle. I stated in my post his explanation was “noteworthy”. This means I lean neither way. I don’t have an opinion on him and his association. Since I do not associate myself with Rick it really is a moot point. It is his false teachings on prophesy that bother me. Rick has some really bad thoughts on rules for guidance in prophecy.

        I have no issue with you starting the blog on Kat because testimonies like hers will always be very controversial. She makes claims about Heaven. Fine. I listened. Not sure about all of it but I am not damaged by her nor has she mislead me in any way. You got people here calling her a tool of hell and she is taking people to hell and on and on and on. Just completely stupid people.

        Hang on. We’ll get all our answers soon enough.

      • utter nonsense and utter lies…SO david are you calling GOD liar? first death came after adam..not before just as the bible says..dinosaurs lived with the book of job imply’s …GOD created the earth once..ONE flood ok… period this earth is not millions of years old and you are wrong… to say there was 2 floods is a lie..

      • Hi Jeffrey may I just point out that David is employing himself with giving huge amount of input to all sorts entries, getting attention and causing dissention on this blog sometimes outright attacking people as satanists and witches saying there are too many anal people on here, and at other times engaging in cheerfull non relevant banter, he is causing division and diversion and I can say with certainty now after reading his numerous posts that he is trolling in Kat Kerrs favour. The Lord brought it to my attention that in certain cases people have been smitten with blindness at the hands of Paul and also been severly rebuked in the New Testament, I wish Adam would block him because he is sewing so many seeds of false doctrine in a sly and imperceptible way. The Holy Spirit has really convicted me about his behaviour.

  6. In a gentle spirit, and with God’s love that overcomes everything. I find this post lacking many things from the gospel, and Ken Peters, who I love in Jesus our common saviour, has not paid attention to some details that Kat Kerr says. For instance, the words when Kat Kerr said that Whitney Huston received Jesus before she died, which is grace of God, not merited by our works. And in many other parts did Ken Peters miss out things of importance. It’s like taking words out of content. This is due to his paradigm. I pray God releases him from his misguided paradigm that blinds him to the truth. And one thing that Ken Peters really miss out on from the gospel, is that we are really going to see the Father in heaven. It reads so in Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Pure in heart is what you are in heaven, because you will be a spiritual being. We have bodies of flesh here on the Earth, and our bodies will be destroyed because of the light that comes from his God’s face. That is why it says that no one has seen the Father, meaning no human being, in the flesh.
    Also read: Revelation 22:3–4 “There will no longer be any curse; and bthe throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and His bond-servants will serve Him; they will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads.”
    Ken Peters really made a big mess with his lack of knowledge. I bless him with knowledge from God, to be lead by the Holy Spirit.
    Kat Kerr does not support deceptions by Satan. “Only the blood of Christ will save you”, Kat Kerr has said. So, no one who denies the cross will enter heaven. She has said that Hell is for real. I’m not defending, I’m only telling what has been said by Kat Kerr, AND I LISTENED CAREFULLY. By the strongholds in our minds we might have a paradigm that blocks out words that doesn’t fit into our paradigm about certain people. Ken Peters has a problem with Kat Kerr by his insufficient knowledge of the gospel and his paradigm. God will take away your paradigm, and I love you, and want to meet you in heaven along with all saints.

  7. Some very profound comments here . May I add that Cat is indeed making this stuff up because I recognize how similar it is to Imagiative Biofeedback training and Unity Church expression I experienced as a grew up in a more Utopian expression of positive Spirituality….. as an artist and cartoonist I make up stuff like this all the time myself , I have visited many Newage visionaries who also speak the same way and tickle the ears to gain followers . When I was in the Unification Church and the Unification Movement Six Years , I traveled across America and met with at least ten of the top new age and traditional prophets during the Eighties , they all were like Cat , and she fits right in with them . The UFO culture would like her stories too . I understand how she is caught in a web of untruths or story telling that gives her a reason to lead. … But those who follow her are far more dangerous than she because the Truth is not attainable for them … They have traded fancy stories for understanding ….. There are no short cuts to God …… The Holy Spirit must be listened to … In Scripture to find the Real Jesus … You can not barrow another persons version of Jesus and stop searching …. It is a life long adventure you and Him ……

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